Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Max is coming!

OK - I know he's not here yet, but the new Topstitch papers for my January club kit are also PERFECT for babies if you ask me. I altered the pages a bit and added my baby related titles in the Chocolate  font - do you remember that one? It was a special a while back, with a big E-sized alpha and a coordinating mini-alpha - yummy! I love this font, and now it's coming back in the Spring Catalog in just a few days - woo hoo!

Anyhow, I don't have pics yet, since Max isn't coming out until Thursday (hear that, buddy?), so these are pictureless....for now! But I'll repost with lots of adorable new baby Max pics when I get home from the hospital. In the meantime, this is what I've been working on...

Yes - that's actual stitching. You know how much I love Simple Stitches - I'm a fauz-stitcher all the way, but it was kind of fun to add the little embroidery floss accents. I used the Stimpe Stitches dot stamps to stamp the outlines of the stitches before I went at it though!

One more thing - do you like the Bigger photo size, or this smaller one I'm trying out? You can click on any of the photos to pull up a BIG picture of a layout - am trying to decide which way to post them in general for now. Let me know, and enjoy the snow!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Regional Celebration Scrapbook pages 2

Here's the second set of layouts as promised! These were done on Twitterpated paper - one of my favorite paper kits! I just happened to have these adorable photos of my two kiddos at the Children's Museum. The museum had these big plastic pots in one of the playrooms, and my little guys went nuts for them!

CTMH got me to do actual stitching on my layout. Normally I'm a faux-stitcher...I love my Simple Stitches stamp set, and I often add "stitching" to my layouts using those stamps without having to actually stitch. I love our hemp string, but sometimes it's hard to work with - it's so thick! I hadn't realized you could separate the hemp, just like embroidery floss. It makes it so much easier to work with, and gives you three times the hemp to work with while maintaining that rustic fiber look. So the photo corners and edges of the StickEase are real stitches - and it was really easy!

Regional Celebration Scrapbook pages

OK - this took me a bit longer than a week - but we are having a baby here, and my laptop has been in the shop forever. I really thought it was DEAD - so if you need a miracle computer guy, I'm glad to reccommend my guy Steve, who saved me from having to buy a super expensive new computer right at Christmas time!

I'm on a sort of bed rest right now - guarded over by my extremely protective hubby, so I thought it would be a good time to upload some art. I'm gonna be pretty sporadic until I get throguh the next few weeks of recovery - Max is coming (c-section) on Thursday!

For now, here's a layout or two from Regional Celebration as promised oh so long ago!

These papers are from the Sweet Home collection. I loved how the sepia photos popped against the reds and blues of the papers. We had these pics done at All That Jazz photography - Gabe was particularly cooperative that day, so we had a lot of awesome pics of him and me.

I loved the lettering stamp technique they taught us in this project. We stamped the letters with the Posterboard Alphabet on the frontside of the patterened paper in Garnet Ink and cut them out to make the title. The funny thing is that when we stamped them I thought, "Ugh! This looks terrible! You can't even read the letters - the pattern is too strong!" But I gamely soldiered on and cut them out, and they look adorable once they are freestanding letters. I'm gonna try it with all my busy patterns now - I usually go for more subtle prints for titles.


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