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Relax with a Stamping Rules Workshop! 
If you are a CTMH consultant looking for an awesome workshop to offer your fabulous customers, you've come to the right place!
* Easy to prep and order kits showcase our newest products and fun to learn techniques!

* You order the supplies from your own business!

* Project, Technique, and Workshop staging tips are included in the Consultant Guide/License!

* Stamping Rules Consultant kits are an affordable way to offer interesting, professional looking workshops...faster, simpler, and easier for you!

What’s in a Stamping Rules Consultant kit?
*Full color Workshop guide with cutting and assembly instructions (emailed PDF files). For newer kits, Cricut Craft room or explore files will be included if needed.
*Consultant Guide, Supply List, and License (PDF) to help you successfully plan, market, and host your own workshop!
*Web Ready Jpg file(s) for use in advertising the workshop on your blog or in your newsletter.
By purchasing this consultant kit, you agree to abide by the consultant license copyright regarding the use and distribution of this workshop and any instructions, designs and photos provided. These instructions are my personal work – thanks for playing fair!

How do I get a Stamping Rules Consultant Kit?
Order your kit right here! There are drop down PayPal order boxes under each kit collection. Current kits are $10 per kit, or $25 for the collection. "Retired" kits are $7 each or complete collections for $15. Monthly Memories Scrapbooking Kits are $5 each or all 7 for $25.

Each kit name is linked to the original release bog post so you can see more details easily. 

Volume 8 Kits - $10 each or all three for $25!

Volume 8 Kits

Monthly Memories Scrapbooking Kits
Click through to see the pages for each paper packet. 6 pages per kit with complete cutting guides. I've been teaching this workshop since 2003 - it is my favorite thing ever! Choose by the paper packet or sign up for a 6 Kit subscription where you choose the paper packets. You can even reserve part of your subscription for future kits - at least one new kit is posted each month!

6 pages with cutting guides
Specify for 6 Kit Collection:
Volume 7 Marvelous Markers Cards/Holiday Happenings Album/Bright White Cards

Volume 7 Kits
Volume 6 Mickey Fireworks Frame/Sparkle and Shine Workshop/Ariana Frame Album

Volume 6 Kits

Volume 5 Butterfly Album/Steampunk Memory Box/Hexagon and Back Again

Volume 5 Kits

Volume 4 Owl Love Card Workshop/Display Tray Event Calendar/La Belle Vie Memory Box

Volume 4 Kits

Volume 3 Avonlea Frame (as featured on Jeanette's Blog!)/Moonlight Mini Calendars/Pun Fun Card Purse

Volume 3 Kits

Volume 2 Family Matters Album/Cricut Card Class/Stella Welcome Frame

Volume 2 Kits

Volume 1 Superhero Trifold Album/Pemberly Card Box/Stella Pocket Album

Volume 1 Kits
Frequently Asked Consultant Kit Questions? 
Q: Why buy a Stamping Rules Consultant Kit
A: The Consultant workshop kit provides you with professional looking instructional materials so you can quickly make your own workshop sample. You'll order the products with your own consultant discount by purchasing the actual project supplies from yourself with the full materials list included in the Consultant Guide/license. With your purchase of a Stamping Rules consultant kit, you'll have permission to use my designs, photos, and cutting guides for your own personal scrapbooking and your customer workshops. You'll also receive the consultant guide and license to help you plan and execute the workshops for your customers.

Q: Can I just stamplift your project? 
A: Sure thing! I love stamplifting (with proper credit, of course). The point of the consultant kit is for you to make use of my professional looking computer generated instructional handouts (which take me hours to put together, in the middle of the night, while my three small boys sleep if I’m lucky, lol). If you want to stamplift my project from a few blog photos and create your own handouts, please do so and enjoy – sharing is caring! But you cannot use my personal photos, illustrations, or wording to create your handout, or receive the instructions without a consultant kit purchase. I put many hours into the design and execution of these projects and instructions. Thanks for playing fair!

Q: What is the point of the Consultant Guide/License? 

A: The license allows you to distribute the Workshop Instructions in a specific way: one hard copy per student who attends your workshop or purchases a workshop kit from you. Online sales of my instructional kits are prohibited - if someone wants their own electronic copy, please direct them here. The Consultant Guide Supply List enables you to use your own stash to create your sample, or earn your own commission by ordering from yourself  the items you need for your own workshop sample. The Guide also contains tips and suggestions to help you successfully plan, market, and host your Stamping Rules workshop that are not in the customer workshop instructions.

Q: When will  get my kit? 
A: You should receive the PDF files for the Workshop Guide and the Consultant Guide/License within 24 hours of placing your purchase (US orders). This allows you to order your supplies and start advertising your new workshop ASAP.

Q: Do you pre-cut these kits for your customers? 

A: To Precut or not precut - that is the question! Every consultant is different, and the way Stamping Rules Kit instructions are written, YOU can choose the level of service you'll provide to your customers, as the full color instructions for your students include the cutting guides. This is a nice benefit for the students and you, since they can replicate the fabulous project you just taught them again with fresh products purchased from you!

Q: Can I order a pre-cut kit? 
A: If you would prefer a pre-cut, ready to complete customer kit of the current workshops available you can order that through my Creative Club page.  As a consultant you can still receive the electronic files to teach the workshop with the purchase of a full kit. These will require extra turn-around time for shipping the full kit, but you'll still get the electronic files within a day or so as per usual. The choice is yours!

Q: What if I get stuck or need help with a technique? 
A: You can feel free to contact me for support in creating your sample or mastering the techniques described in a Stamping Rules Consultant kit. I spend a lot of time planning and preparing the kits and instructions. The kit instructions are then tested at least a dozen times by other consultants on my team before I publish them here to the blog. You might find a typo - but my girls are good, so I sure hope not! Support via email or phone is included with your kit purchase if you need it. These kits are here to help! 

More questions? Contact me  - I'm always glad to chat CTMH!


Adeline E. Brill said...

Wendy - thank you for sharing! Even though we are all a creative bunch of gals, sometimes our creativity needs a jumpstart!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing Wendy! Just ordered the Brite White consultant kit.


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