Friday, November 30, 2012

December SOTM Blog Hop!

Welcome to our Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!  We will be featuring December's SOTM, which is called Year Round Cheer, a down right adorable set of 12 stamps.  THIS is my favorite SOTM from this catalog for sure! If you have come here from LAURIE'S BLOG, you are on the right path!

This month we have almost 60 Close To My Heart Consultants sharing their creations using this month's SOTM (and other great CTMH products) on their blogs. Hopping is simple to do - just click on the link at the end of the post on each blog to move to the next one! Here we go!

This month I created an adorable erasable Event Calendar to track all those birthdays and celebratory events. I make a gob of cards every month, but it's like the shoemaker's workshop around here. I have some kind of phobia about getting to the post office and I always mail things late. I want to do a better job of caring (and sharing a bit of art) with all my favorite peeps in 2013, and this event calendar is going to help me do it! I used our awesome new Display tray to make my event calendar, because for me, if something isn't out in the open, I just forget about it. Now all the birthdays will be on display by my desk and Dry Erase To Do list!

I stamped each month with the coordinating stamp image. Each month is embellished with sparkly Shimmer Trim flags and the month (stamped with the November SOTM, Capture the Date), plus lots of Silver Glitter Glitz. I layered some overhead transparency film over each month so I can use a wet erase pen to write on the birthdays. I like that better than dry erase for something where I really want to be sure I don't accidentally erase anything, but still want the option of erasing. Dry erase would work as well, of course.

I attached my event calendar months with velcro, inspired by my upline, Ginni Candelaria. That way if I ever want to update or change out my Display Tray I can do so with ease! That's also why I did not frame my tray with more shimmer trim...even though it fits PERFECTLY around the edges of the tray...

This is a sneak peek of the Volume 4 Stamping Rules Consultant kits! This is going to be such a fun workshop, just the way to start fresh in 2013. Two more projects are coming this month - woo hoo!

I'm linking this to the Heart 2 Heart Glitter It Up Challenge! Tis' the season for GLITTER!

I'm also linking this to the awesome craftiness over at Make It Monday on An Original Belle!

Now "Hop" on over to KRISTA'S BLOG to see what crafty cheer she's whipped up for you! Be sure to visit all the Consultants Blogs to soak in the great ideas! Remember, this SOTM is only available for the month of December.  Contact your CTMH Consultant (or click here) to see how you can get this stamp set for just $5!

Here are some more projects I have made using this Stamp of the Month...
Moonlight Stocking Stuffer Calendars
Super Fast (for me!) Holiday Card

Thank You in Black and White (and Red)

Good morning! Today I have a quick thank you card that I whipped up using the current sketch over at Retro Sketches. I whipped out 40 of these late last night for my new Jamberry gals! I used the color inspiration from the Play Date Cafe "Color Splash" Challenge. I loved the idea of Black,White, and a splash of deep red!

I stamped the card in layers, so it looked a mess until I popped on the Art Philosophy Cricut Label to cover all the overlapping stamping that was going on. I started with the chevron border, which I stamped in second generation black ink. The I added the Jingle Borders image and the stamped snowflakes in Black Ink. I stamped a Perfect Fit Frame image in Black ink and added my Thank You sentiment (which fits perfectly!) in Cranberry Ink. I added a Cricut cut snowflake to my Perfect Fit Frame image and a whole lotta silver glitter glitz!

Check back tomorrow for the SOTM blog hop and a peek at the next Volume of Creative Club!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rock and Roll Technique Video!

Y'all have been asking me for a video tutorial on Rolling for a while now...and now CTMH has saved my sad-cannot-video-a-thing self by making this wonderful tutorial on Rock and Roll stamping. The card above was stamped in this technique, inking the branch in Tulip ink and then rolling the edges in Cocoa ink. You can use this rolling technique to create beautiful stamped images with shaded edges in complementary colors. It's one of my favorite stamping techniques - so fast and simple to do but with a real "Wow!" factor!

Here's the funny and fab duo of Kristine and Monica to show you on video how this is accomplished!

More artwork where I've used the rolling technique are listed here...
Green & Blue Holiday Card
Pink Mittens card
Blue/green Damask Background card
Rainbow Butterfly Card
Sewing themed teacher Gifty

Enjoy the awesome video. Let's Rock and Roll!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I just joined Jamberry and I love it!

Don't worry - I LOVE Close To My Heart and stamping, so Stamping Rules is not going to become a nails blog. I've been working really hard on a swap this last week (plus Thanksgiving!), so I'll be posting new eye candy soon. But I am loving the Jamberry so much that I had to sign up. It's a fabulous and affordable way to keep a nice manicure even through crafting, so I wanted to share with you my fun new obsession! 
Jamberry is an amazing new nail product. It's like the nail stickers in stores only so much better. Jamberry is thicker, longer lasting, and with way more design choices!

You heat the shields gently, then smooth them on. Trim them close, file the excess, and your manicure will last up to two weeks! I'm super hard on my nails (crafting, cooking, washing paintbrushes - note the inky-fingers-but-clean-manicure in that pics from my Stamp Pad) and they are super durable and adorable! Pedicures last up to six weeks! I love that I can do it myself in the middle of the night while the boys are sleeping. 

I have short nails (just past the tips of my fingers) and I can get two manicures and two pedicures from one set of shields. It all depends on how you cut them up when you apply them. They are safe to use on natural nails or acrylics. It's really a fabulous product!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sale!

It's Thanksgiving today, which means, family, food, and fun...and for the brave-hearted of you, it means BLACK FRIDAY sales! 

Of course, if you know me, you know that I only think about setting the alarm for 2 am to bake off the turkey, not to brave the early morning crowds.  Running for things you want, hoping that they don't run out before you get there, it makes me want to crawl back into bed and hide..or bake another turkey!  Now think of picking up the phone or emailing your Close To My Heart Consultant (me, I hope!) any time during the day on Friday with your order, while sitting in your cozy jammies and bunny slippers with a nice cuppa... doesn't that feel so much better? I think so!

So this Friday look this over and make your list. Then call or email me Friday (need my contact info?) with your wishes.  This special is NOT eligible for website orders. You MUST call or email me to participate and get the goodies!  

Head to my website to look around: . Then give me a call or shoot me an email!

Place an order of $25 - $50 
Receive a free Dye Ink Pad of your choice ($5.25 value.) 

Place an order of $51 - $75

Receive an A size stamp set or Marker 2- Pack of your choice. 
 This also entitles you to receive the Stamp of the Month for $5! If you choose to take advantage of the $5 Stamp of the Month, you also qualify to choose any stamp set in the catalog for 1/2 price, PLUS $1 of that will go to help Red Cross relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

Place an order of $76 - $100

Receive a free B size stamp set or Level 2 Paper Pack of your choice (up to $9.95 value.)
 This also entitles you to receive the Stamp of the Month for $5! If you choose to take advantage of the $5 Stamp of the Month, you also qualify to choose any stamp set in the catalog for 1/2 price. $1 of that will go to help Red Cross relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

Place an order of $101 - $149
Receive a free Cardstock pack or C size stamp set of your choice (up to $13.95 value). 

This also entitles you to receive the Stamp of the Month for $5! If you choose to take advantage of the $5 Stamp of the Month, you also qualify to choose any stamp set in the catalog for 1/2 price. $1 of that will go to help Red Cross relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

Place an order of $150 or more

Receive $25 in free products of your choice, PLUS a B size stamp set of your choice (valued at $9.95.)    
This also entitles you to receive the Stamp of the Month for $5! If you choose to take advantage of the $5 Stamp of the Month, you also qualify to choose any stamp set in the catalog for 1/2 price. $1 of that will go to help Red Cross relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

Today I'll be sharing time with my beloved family, enjoying an amazing meal, and focusing on all we have to be thankful for...and that includes you, my kind, supportive, creative Stampin' Friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten Things I Learned in 2012

This week Stasha at The Good Life has tasked us with pondering 10 things we learned in 2012. So here's my eclectic list of's gonna be a gluten heavy list, since it's our first year seriously gluten free, and it's made all the difference in the world.

1. I can get a lot of projects done in the middle of the night. I sketch during "spare" moments of the day, then once the boys are in bed (and responsibilities handled), I'm off to the Stamp Pad upstairs to get my craft on. Lately while I've been healing there's been a lot more sleeping, and less crafting, but the midnight crafter is back, and I am so glad to have my inky paws again!

2. We are not joking around about this gluten free thing. Even after we could see that it was doing good things for us I still kind of harbored an idea in the back of my head that I'm just not as sensitive to the gluten as my boys.  Eating in Dallas this summer cured me of that notion. Gluten free is not a phase. Sigh. Max is so sensitive that even licking the tables when we go out is enough to cause a gluten reaction now,  which for him is a very ugly eczema type rash all over his poor tiny body...that lasts for three weeks minimum...and causes people to ask if he's recovering from chicken pox.

3. It's almost impossible to get a two year old to stop licking tables, mouthing counters, and eating weird things from the floor in public without the use of a straight jacket. We may need to become shut-ins if we ever want the eczema to go away. All ideas to stop the madness accepted!

4. I am also not joking around about not being able to consume coffee. Apparently not only am I NOT less sensitive to gluten than my boys, I am not unable to tolerate coffee either. Even a tiny bit brings on an allergy attack of the like not seen since we first moved to Oregon in 2000. It is not pretty or pleasant. I mourn the loss of coffee more than the gluten.

5. Earl Grey tea is awesome...especially with an obscene amount of half and half. Not as good as coffee, but I'm getting this extra aged super strong Earl Grey now that totally rocks.

6. Hanging with my team (at Convention, Team Stamp, and even our monthly meetings) is guaranteed to be a rollicking good time. We laugh so much that I don't think it can be classified as work. Everyday I am grateful for my girls. They motivate me, inspire me, and make me laugh until my face hurts. They bring me Starbucks, and apples (for the teacher, lol), and so much joy. My team is the BEST part of this business.

7. Parent Teaching at Ben's coop preschool is so much fun. At first I was worried that the coop required too much time (keeping me from really important things, like blogging, right?). But while I'm there working with all those 4 year olds, there are no distractions or multi-tasking, no to-do lists or laundry piles. Ok, there is a laundry pile, but it's not my job there. So parent teaching is like a vacation from Crazy-town.

8. It is not necessary to recreate every gluten food in a GF version. At first I went nutty trying to make GF goldfish and GF waffles, etc... Life is much simpler when lunch consists of leftover chicken from last night's dinner, a bit of cheese and some veg or fruit. Boys don't care about fancy or variety. GF mac n cheese once a week is enough. Honey sweetened plain greek yogurt is enough. A simple apple is enough. (But here's the GF cheese cracker recipe that we use for special occasions when I feel like baking. These are amazingly tasty and not too tough to make.)

9. Pack GF food with you everywhere you go. Even if you don't think you'll need a snack. Pack extra. It is guaranteed to either be super expensive or nigh on impossible to buy a snack on the run....and the boys will be ready-to-tantrum-type starving if you leave the house without enough food to feed an entire preschool class. And the only thing you can buy will be a $2 Kind Bar which they will scarf in 3 seconds flat and ask for seconds...and thirds...times three boys. So much for the college fund!

10. Photo collages rock! How did I not know how to make these before this year? Now I can make the awesome BIG photo scrapbook sketches and fill in that big space with all the photos I LOVE so easily. Win-win, baby!

Finally, a bonus lesson from 2012. Blogging is awesome. People actually read what you write. And crafty blog followers are super nice, like when I met two friendly blog readers and fellow CTMH sisters at a craft fair this weekend (Hi!).  Blogging has completely changed my business. If you'd asked me a year ago, I'd never have guessed that I'd be where I am today, happily creating consultant kits and crafting midnight cards for my next blog post. When I hit my little health snag this fall, I really MISSED stamping and and blogging. It is so good to be back!

Thanks for reading, for your kind comments, for sharing your art with me on Friday Favorite Things (coming back soon!).

Happy Thanksgiving, Stampin' Friends!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last chance for Jamberry!

My Jamberry consultant went on vacation (to Disney!) before we got a chance to close my party. So if you missed your chance to try out these fabulous nail shields, my party is still open for the rest of this week!

In this pic I'm wearing adorable colorful snowflakes...and you can see I've got my normal inky paws, but the nail shields stay clean and beautiful. I love these so much I'm probably going to sign up when I close out my party with Brandi. I just have to finish upline shopping, lol. I've found I can get 2 full mani-pedis from one packet, or 4 manicures since my nails are pretty short. Sweet!

Here's the link to my party. You just shop through the online store (buy 3, get one free!), and when you go to checkout it'll give you the option to choose Wendy's online party in a drop-down hostess menu.

If you decide to give them a try (or already have), tell me here in comments. I'd love to know what you picked and how you like them. There's so many to choose from I have trouble deciding...but I think next up for me is the Multi Colored Chevrons!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moxie Fab Burlap and Flower Card Tutorial

Moxie Fab World is hosting a Canvas, Cork, and Burlap challenge right now to celebrate the new Paper Crafting Tips & Tricks issue. I love the texture of our new Burlap ribbon, but even more I LOVE that you can cut it up to achieve different fun effects.  
On the sentiment tag I wrapped a length of burlap around my block to stamp the background texture using Sweet Leaf Ink. Great use of those odd scraps you have left over sometimes!
For this flower I took about 24 inches of just the edging of the burlap - cut it right off, it's all good! 
Then pull off a few long strands of the burlap material from the long edge of the ribbon. 

Wrap the edging of the burlap around your fingers in a figure eight motion back and forth, about 2" or so wide. Pinch that in the center and add a long strand of the burlap material that you pulled out in the same figure eight motion. 

Then use one more piece of the burlap (or a small piece of wire or string is fine too) to tie the center of your figure eight tightly, as tight as you can make it. Spread out the 'petals' of your new burlap flower. Top it off with a button or a fabulous Designer Rhinestone brad like I did here!

This is a very forgiving process, since the burlap is a fabric material - don't be afraid to bend it and push it where you want it to go to fill out your flower. Now hop on over and check out all the burlap, canvas, and cork fun at Moxie Fab!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Black Friday Holiday Hoopla

It's that time of year...and I cannot wait! I'm a Black Friday shopping avoider, so instead of shopping, I'll be hosting two days of cropping and workshops. Come make your Holiday Cards and some fun Holiday decor, or bring your own projects and just enjoy some fun girl time! 

Hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving. Drop in to finish a quick project, or stay and crop all day! Light lunch served both days with RSVP.

You only have one week to RSVP for these projects!
RSVPs are due by Friday to ensure that I can get all your adorable projects prepped before Thanksgiving arrives.

Stamp A Stack 2013
It's back! $1 per card, you choose how many of which card design you love. Email to RSVP for Stamp A Stack and I'll send you a custom invoice for your choices.

Holiday Ornament Wreath
Something new and so much fun to make! We'll be using hot glue guns to create super shiny, glittery holiday door wreaths topped with sparkly bows and papercrafted poinsettias. Your choice of Gold/Silver or Red/Green for $25. Additional wreaths at just $20 each - makes a great gift!

2013 Mini Calendars
Looking for cute and crafty teacher gifts or stocking stuffers? Craft this two pack of calendars, one for you and one to share for $25. Or supersize your project and make 6 calendars for $35!

I Want It All Option A
25 cards (your choice of design), 1 wreath (choice of color), and 2 calendars for $70

I Want It All Option B
25 cards (your choice of design), 1 wreath (choice of color), and 6 calendars for $80

I Want It All Option C
25 cards (your choice of design), 2 wreaths (choice of color), and 6 calendars plus free Bonus frame project for $100

RSVP by Friday, November 16th for your cozy crafty spot away from the Holiday Shopping madness!
To go kits available for home crafting - additional shipping charge may apply.

Workshop and TO GO Kits (remember to email Stamp A Stack RSVPs for custom invoice)
wreath/card choices

You are the heart of my business - thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Cards and one more wreath...

Hi, Stampin' Friends! I'm almost all caught up, and for those of you waiting for Black Friday workshops, I'll have those posted with pricing by tomorrow. This morning I got a bit of time to get inky while the boys played Go, Diego, Go! Yea!
So on to the fruits of this morning's labor. This one is based on the sketch #5 from CAS(E) This Sketch! and the awesome color combo from Color Throwdown, which for me is Pear, Outdoor Denim, Black, and White Daisy. I'm linking this card up to Paper Issues Stamp On It collection - go check out the eye candy!
I did some rolling when inking the ornaments. I accented the stamping with some Silver Glitter Glitz, a few sparkles, and some careful dots of my new favorite silver Metallic Marker. As a finishing touch I spritz the whole card front with a fine Krylon glitter spray- maybe not totally CAS, but it's a holiday card, so it needed an extra bit of bling! I wish the subtle shimmer showed better in the picture.
I also made this snowman card inspired by this adorable card that I pinned from A Blog Called Wanda.   I used a Swiss Dot embossing folder on the top half of the background, and a Snowflakes embossing folder for the snowman head. How cute is his little "scarf"?
I also was able to finish up the last holiday wreath for the auction this weekend. I think we'll do these for Black Friday - it's just too much fun to make them! I've got my eye on some blue and grey ornaments at Target...maybe add some snowflake banner action...but first, one more project for the Black Friday workshop post tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Auction Poinsettia Frame

Hi, Stampin' Friends! Quick peek at the second project for Ben's preschool auction this weekend...a way easier than it looks Paper crafty frame class. Oh, how I love glitter glitz!
The poinsettia flowers are graduated snowflakes cut from Art Philosophy which I worked over with an embossing stylus to shape them and give them dimension. I added extra lift by layering foam tape in between the layers of petals. The carnation flowers are 1 1/4" scallops (also cut on art philosophy). It's one of my favorite quick flowers. You stack up four scalloped circles and attach in the center with any brad. Then scrunch, scrunch, scrunch until it's an adorable little flower.

I'm linking this up to the H2H Photo Inspiration Challenge. I love the colors in the photo with the pear and wine. 

I'm also linking this up to the Paper Issues Holiday Happy Party - make sure you hop over and check out the amazing projects there!

I should have Black Friday Classes ready to post in a day or so. Catch ya later!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monthly Memories Club Meets Clementine

Can't wait to see my scrappy peeps tomorrow night for 6 pages of Clementine Goodness! 
We're using the Cottage Assortment, the Clementine Canvas Complements, and the Tan/Brown Sparkles. Check out the creative stamping of the stitch image from the Clementine WOTG stamp set - one stamp, lots of stitchy edging options!

Want more info on Monthly Memories? Next month's kit is Pear and Partridge!


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