Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome Baby Max!

Wow! I can't believe that Max is almost a week old! We've been sleeping and resting a lot this week - Max is an amzingly good sleeper! I'm hoping to get back to my scrap table soon - for now I just thought I'd share this cute pic of my new little charmer. He hardly ever opens his eyes yet, so sleepy face pics is mostly what we have.

So far the boys seem to be taking to Max pretty well. Ben often shushes everyone when you go in the room with Max, since Max is always asleep. He'll sit next to Max and pet his little head ever so gently. Gabe was impressed with the Cars toys Baby Max sent to him from the hospital, but as he was with Ben, he's not really interested in touching the baby. He will sing him a verse or two of Little Red Caboose though!

When we took Max into the doctor to get his check-up after we left the hospital, the whole family went - John, Gabe (age 3), Ben (age 1 1/2), Max, and Mommy. After Dr. checked out Max he turned to Gabe and asked, "Do you have any questions, young man?" Gabe blinked at Dr. and asked, "Can I go to the Museum?" Guess we'll all be glad to get back to our regular routines!


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