Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Digital FUN at the office!

I took these pics a couple years ago while waiting at John's office to go to dinner on a weekend. What is a scrapbooker to do but set up a totally awesome page? Gabe made copies,took some calls, studied for his electrical exam, had a coffee break, and did some CAD drawing on his magnadoodle, lol.

Gabe had fun posing for the pics, but not as much fun as I had scrapping them! I have always loved this particular layout but the diagonal pics are a pain to crop correctly. The embellishment in the upper left corner is a grouping of StickEase and "metal" embellishments - so asy to compose digitally. No need to plan it out carefully - if I didn't like where the StickEase landed, I could just scoot it over without having to peel it up or worry about tearing the paper!

In Studio J, I just dropped the pic into the photo well and grabbed it with my little digital hand to pull it to the area I wanted to show. So simple, and I could even zoom in or out if I needed to with the click of a button. Woo hoo!

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