Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do you really have to scrap every photo?

Ok...don't get me wrong...I love all my pictures of the boys. But sometimes I come home from an event all fired up to scrap it...and sometimes I leave the pics in my file for a long time until I can get around to them. Gabe's Valentine's party sat in the file forever because the pics just weren't that great. He wasn't a willing photo subject that day, since most of the party was spent clinging to my leg or looking on quietly at all the hubbub. He certainly had his stinkeye face on that day!

Sitting there with Studio J, I realized that I can whip out quick, simple, cute pages for photos I don't really care about scrapping (gasp!) with minimal effort! I want to spend lots of time scrapping our trip to Day Out with Thomas. I want to spend forever paper piecing owls for adorable baby pics of my boys. I just want to get pics like these done and in the book so I can move on to the "fun" scrapping! Maybe I actually CAN catch up on my back-scrappin'!

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