Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gabe's Thank You card - so simple a 4 year old can help!

Last week was Gabe's 4th birthday, and he wanted Buzz Lightyear as his theme. Of course, we're like a month ahead of the marketing blitz for Toy Story 3, so all we could find for a Toy Story cake was a retired Woody cake topper missing the Buzz piece, and Toy Story invites/cards were not around. So we made these simple little Thank You cards! 

Gabe did the random stamping - stars and circles in Buzz Lightyear colors: Ocean, Citrus Leaf, Tulip, Sunny Yellow, and touches of Pansy Purple (Gabe's favorite color). Then he painted a layer of Elmer's blue Glitter Glue over the whole page - perhaps his favorite part of the project. I cut and embossed the pieces, but he helped to sand the stripes into the cardstock. I love Random Stamping for making cards with Gabe - he loves the inks and freedom, and I love not having to worry that he's "messing up" our project. 

If we had a picture of him with his gift we used that on the gift-giver's card. Gabe didn't open presents at his party because he's so shy in front of groups. If we didn't have a good pic, we used an adorable pic of him smiling at the Woodburn Tulip fields. It was a fun project for us to do together!

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