Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Magnifique!

This is a level 2 page I made using the Magnifique StickEase. Gabe is super into Bling, so I made a "belt" across the page with everything in my arsenal - brads, Sparkles, Liquid Glass, Opaque Mocha Pearls, Designer printed brads from the Chocolate Collection - and a little Lagoon Polka Dot paper ruffle going along the studded belt.
Gabe loved the new BIG sparkly brads. I love glitter, but these were a little much for me at first sight in the catalog. I was a little leery - I mean, these are some big ol' brads! But once I got them on the pages, I was feeling a lot better. I love them as a background element like in the last two pages here - butterflies alighting on glittery spheres adorned with bitty flowers...what's not to like! And Gabe went nutty for them, so I had to use a lot of them on his page. These pics were taken at his Mother's Day Tea at preschool. It was so much fun to get to be in his classroom and get a glimpse of how he is with his teachers. My oldest boy certainly marches to the beat of his own drummer - and we love him for that!

This page was designed to match my stamplift of the page on the cover of the CTMH Fall catalog. That page was so beautiful I HAD to make my version of it. I loved putting together this little clusters of glittery brads with butterflies made from floral stamps and sparkles - so much fun! I made little studded borders on the page using the teeniest of the Mocha Pearl Opaques too - I like to move around the itty bitties using the tip of my Piercing tool instead of tweezers.

Finally, The stamplifted cover page. I simplified the pleating detail on the right side of the page. Instead of doing the scoring and folding, I cut 3/4" strips of paper and layered them to look like pleating instead.

Also, on these two pages I used the Oxford Color Ready Alphabets. You just sponge or daub color onto the letters you need, leaving the rest of the alphabet blank to be decorated for other pages! I added some polka dot stamping detail down the sides of the letters after I sponged the colors onto the individual letters. I also swiped the edges lightly with Pacifica Ink before applying to the page - and I've got most of an adorable alphabet left for other projects.

I think I'm going to turn these two pages into wall hangings instead of putting them into my book. I have been wanting to scrap some hangings for these clear frames I got an an expo many moons ago - these would look lovely in my stamp room!

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