Thursday, September 16, 2010

Split the layout!

So I was playing in Studio J last night, and was staring at this beautiful picture of my sister and her family. It's the only picture I have of them like this, so how can I use it in a layout. I mean - one pic, two pages...seriously? Then I got to thinking - I could split the layout!

I put a few pics we took on a day trip to Santa Cruz that I've never gotten around to scrapping. I altered the papers and embellies enough that the pages are matching anymore, and I can add them to my LO wherever I like.

I added buttonhole stitches along the digital ribbon to create a custom ribbon effect on the right side of the LO. So fast and easy - even still the entire layout took me about 20 minutes once I realized I didn't have to use the same pics on each page! What a great way to get all my random non-special theme pics scrapped! I am so catching up this year!

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Nakamaru said...

I can add them to my LO wherever I like.
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