Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Late night papercrafting!

OK - this is an oldie but goodie project. I while back I bought some of these wooden paperclips from Oriental Trading Co - painted white laready nice and sturdy...and affordable! I added some B&T papers (from Sonata...old school CTMH!) ribbons and a big Just Blooms flower and voila! Gabe's teacher birthday gift for tomorrow is born. 

I wanted him to make a card too but he was totally wiped after school today, so I adapted this neat flippy chirstmas card frame we made last year into a card that wasn't too overwhelming for him to finish off. His picture is on the front, and when you flip it open inside, he stamped a border around the middle and drew pictures with glittery gel pens.  He wrote "Love to Teacher Gina" across the top plus his own name a gob of times in sparkly purple gel pen. Not bad for an overtired and cranky 4 year old!

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