Sunday, August 28, 2011

Open House: Welcome to my Stamp Pad!

Wow - what a weekend! After Open House all day on Saturday we took the boys to the State Fair today bright and early. You can read about our adventure here. But for those who didn't get to come check our my new "Stamp Pad" this weekend, here's some pics of what we made, how it's organized, and what we ate, lol.

Here's a long shot view of my new room. I've got 4 table right down the center set up all the time. sometimes when I'm working I'll start at one end and as I finish a project I'll just keep scooting over a space until I reach the other end! The room actually curves around at the end and the boys preschool/Lego area is around the corner so they can play while I stamp (on occasion that works know preschoolers).

You can see my wire bin storage for everything from CTMH order bags to candles and tiles waiting to be altered. On top of that I have stacking organizers for clear shoeboxes of coloring chalks, special adhesives, etc... 

This is one of my recent additions - these adorable little glass jars from IKEA for my button storage.  Becasue who doesn't have a button abundance storage problem? They were just 4 for $3.99, and I love looking at my rainbow of buttons!

Under the buttons you see my little bins of brads, sparkles, flowers and more. I haven't quite gotten everything labeled with my label maker YET...but they will be. They will be. Oops - my inner Yoda voice is peeking!

So here's two of the three hands-on projects we played with on Saturday. The other is the adorable hot air balloon card from my Moxie Fab post earlier this week. I did the masculine inchie card fro my team meeting using the September SOTM, then switched up this awesomely versatile card sketch into pink and green to go along with my favorite little owl this month from the Pair-A-Phrase stamp set. That double dipping CTMH is letting us do on the Pair-A-Phrase and the SOTM bonus font set is ending on the 31st, so if you've been thinking about it but haven't gotten back to me, time is running out...

We also made the cute little Monster corner bookmarks. When you slide him onto the page of your current read, it looks like he's munching up your page! I cut out his three layers of eyeball circles using my new big Cricut machine - woo! It was so awesome - in the past I'd be hand punching all those circles to prep the bookmarks, but now it's just hit the quantity and my personal assistant does the cutting for me. As you can see, I didn't give up my old school Sizzix machine yet - that thing is a tank, and I am just not ready yet...not quite...but my new Cricut has definitely won me over to the electronic age of diecutting!

Finally, the eats! We had prize drawings (3 per hour), and I fixed up these adorable owl cupcakes (think WHOOO's your stamp lady? lol) after seeing a bazillion permutations of them on Pinterest. My bows were fascinated by the owl cupcakes...Gabe (age 5) wouldn't eat one because he didn't want his cupcake to look at him. Ben (age 3) asked is the eyes were "Nemenems", ate off the eyes and nose, then made my hubby pick off the cookies before chowing. Max (20 months) ate everyone's cookies and no cupcake. To each his own!

Thanks to all of you who came out to support the grand opening of my new "Stamp Pad"! I'll be posting new weekly workshops for the calendar in a day or so - hope to see you stamping in my pad soon!


Gina Brandstetter said...

LOVE your space! Laughed at your comment about scooting down for more clean space when you work. That would be me!! I was just thinking last night I needed another table because mine was pretty messy!

Vicki Wizniuk said...

Wow, I thought my space was big... this looks awesome! And that little monster corner bookmark is adorable! Perfect little gifty for kids.

SusieScrapper said...

WOW! That's one big room, would kill for a room that big!! Love it and wish I could come and play!



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