Friday, April 20, 2012

CAS-ual Fridays: Opposites Attract

OK - I am not a CAS-ual stamper. CAS means Clean and Simple - a style I love and admire and have a very hard time pulling off. I figure stamping is like any other skill - I just need to practice and, though I may never lose my tendency towards lumpy-bumpy-add-one-more-layer projects, it's good to stretch, right?

And yes, I know there's not a lot of white space here...but there's only one thing going on the in background - the green Dotty for You paper, so that's pretty simplified for me! There's actually not a bit of stamping on this card - it's all pieces from the Dotty for You paper set. It's relatively flat (for a card made by me) and only took a few minutes to put together. Why am I concerned? Well, I made it for the CAS-ual Fridays Opposites Attract challenge. If you are a lumpy bumpy gal like me, get over there ASAP and see why I'm trying to expand my horizons - they make some simply ADORABLE flat and simple cards! I used Pale green (Sweet Leaf) and Pink (Smoothie) colors as my opposite ends of the spectrum.

I am particularly amused by my flower embellishment: I built it out of the butterfly images from the Dotty for You papers right down to the little green leaves! I was fussy cutting butterflies fro another project and got distracted...and cut way too many. I couldn't toss them out so I found a new use for them. (Caren C. I was thinking of you when I did this. Stinkin' butterflies...)

Maybe it's not the most CAS-ual card...but it's simplified from my usual seventy layers and I'm loving it!

One quick shout out - happy birthday to my baby boy, Gabe, who's turning 6 today. May you always make a heart with your hands when I take your photo in a field of tulips...and not kill me for sharing this adorable photo when you get a bit bigger....

Happy Friday, Stampin' Friends!


Kristine Porter said...

Wendy, I love all of your Dotty for You creations! You are so very talented! Thanks for the inspiration! I hope you don't mind, I have pinned you on Pinterest!

Kristine Porter

Wendy Coffman said...

Awesome - don't you just LOVE pinterest? It's worse than facebook...hours and hours I can spend there!


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