Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Offering for Consultants!

Relax with a Stamping Rules Workshop! 
If you are a CTMH consultant looking for an awesome workshop to offer your lovely customers, you've come to the right place! Easy to prep and order kits use full packages of products. To Pre-cut, or not pre-cut - you can choose the level of service you’ll provide and the full color instructions for your students include the cutting guides. This is a nice benefit, as they can replicate the fabulous project you’ve taught them with more product (from you!).

The Consultant Workshop Kit provides you with the instructional materials you need to quickly put together your own sample, plus you’ll still earn your own consultant discount by purchasing the majority of the project materials yourself. With the purchase of the consultant Workshop kit, you'll have permission to use my designs, photos and cutting guides/instructions, (not only to create for your own personal scrapbooking) but you'll also be receiving the consultant guide and license to hold your own workshop for your customers.

What’s in a Consultant kit?
*1 level 2 paper packet shipped directly to you (US Only, for Canadian Kits it will be two packs of Mini Medleys to keep the reshipping cost reasonable!).
*Full color Workshop guide with cutting and assembly instructions (emailed PDF files).
*Consultant Guide, Supply List, and License (PDF) to help you successfully plan, market, and host your own workshop! The license allows you to distribute Workshop Guide in a specific way: one hard copy per student who attends your workshop or purchases a kit from you. The Supply list enables you to use your own stash, or earn your own commission by ordering for yourself the majority of the items for your workshop sample.
*(1) Web Ready Jpg file for use in advertising the workshop on your blog or in your newsletter.
By purchasing this consultant kit, you agree to abide by the consultant license copyright regarding the use and distribution of this workshop and any instructions, designs and photos provided. This is my personal work – thanks for playing fair!

Consultant Only Price - $15 

Price includes shipping and tax. US consultant orders accepted online here. Canadian friends, a solution is coming soon! 
Want it All Prepped for you? No need to place a separate order, you can purchase the full customer style workshop kit for everything you need to create your workshop. You'll receive the same pre-cut workshop kit that I create for my own awesome customers, shipped directly to you, but as a CTMH consultant you will also receive the PDF Consultant Guide and License for hosting your own workshop!

Available Kits:

Stunning Stella Mini Album  (See more pictures)

Consultant Kit Options

Superhero Chipboard Album (See more pictures)

Consultant Kit Options

Pemberly Card Box (See more pictures)

Consultant Kit Options

Want All Three Kits?
Get all three consultant kits or three full customer kits with a nice discount on shipping!

I Want It All Kit Options

Why buy a Consultant Kit? 
Q: Can I just buy the instructions without the paper pack? 
A: No. Corporate policy does not allow CTMH consultants to sell instructions or templates without the purchase of product. This consultant "mini kit" adheres to corporate policy. 
Q: Can you ship to Canada? 
A: Yes. There is a Candian shipping option in the drop down menu for the mini kit. The full kit option is not available for international shipping. 
Q: Can I just stamplift your project? 
A: Sure thing! I love stamplifting (with proper credit, of course). The point of the consultant kit is for you to make use of my professional looking computer generated instructional handouts (which take me hours to put together, in the middle of the night, while my three small boys sleep if I’m lucky). If you want to stamplift my project from a few blog photos and create your own handouts, please do so and enjoy – sharing is caring! But you cannot use my personal photos, illustrations, or wording to create your handout, or ask me for the instructions without a kit purchase. Thanks for playing fair!
Q: Why are the US and Canadian Kits different? 
A: Since I live the the US, I didn't realize that shipping a paper packet to Canada would cost me an arm, a leg, and my first born child - crazy! To make it fair, I'll be sending two Mini-Medleys for each kit purchased to our Canadian friends, so everyone gets a similar amount of retail product for their kit purchase, and it won't force me to make the Canadian Kit cost more for shipping (I hope!)
Q: When will  get my kit? 
A: You should receive the PDF files for the Workshop Guide and the Consultant Guide/License within 24 hours of placing your purchase. US product orders will be placed within 3 days of the order and shipped to you within the standard CTMH turnaround time for your location. Canadian product orders will be placed within 3 days of the the order and re-shipped to you once CTMH delivers product to me! The three day window allows for Paypal transfer time. Questions? Contact me for more details!

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