Monday, July 9, 2012

Dallas, Here I come...and another Listicle!

So our family vacation (otherwise known as the Trip of Insanity) is now well underway. The plan was to drive to CA, camping at KOAs on the way to break up the endless driving with 3 small boys in an overpacked mini-van until we get to Sacramento, where I am right now. Tonight I am enjoying a fabulous dinner with Auntie Melanie and a quiet night in my hotel room which will shuttle me to the airport at the crack of dawn just slightly earlier than my boys normally get up  while my dear scrubby John capped off two days of driving with 2 1/2+ more hours of driving to get to Grandma's house for a week long visit. When I get back from Dallas we'll pick up a12 year old nephew and bring him along back to Oregon with us... because the only thing missing from our van full of boys is yet another boy, right?

You can see why I'm smiling so big in my hotel room, eh? Plus in less than 7hours I'll be officially on my way to DALLAS for convention,which (sorry, boys) is ever so much better than the Trip of Insanity. Give me thousands of screaming CTMH consultants and hours of creative stamp time over 3 whining weary boy travelers and hours spent in a tent that is never the temperature you want it to be.

On the plus side, using the free WIFI at the KOA last night I hooked up Instagram/Twitter/Facebook so that I can post pics in a, faithful followers, my convention updates will be rolling out quickly to the outlet of your choice (in between jumping up and down and shaking my Hat on a Stick - more coming on that soon). I feel so tech-y!

But first, here's my Monday Listicle, topic provided by the lovely Stasha over at the Good Life!  This week we are pondering a double whammy of a list: 10 things you would and would not miss if the end came today. Aaaannnnnd....scene!

10 Things I would miss if I died today:
1. Um, CTMH Convention! It's been months of planning and excitement building, crafting, posting, worrying, and arrangement making. I can't will NOT miss this event!!   

2. Gabe's big bug eyed smile when he's super excited.

3. Ben's frequent proclamations of awesome things like, "You know why I did that? 'Cause I'm awesome!" Must be nice to have confidence like that at age 4.

4. Max's Silly Giggle - I'd really hate for the last thing I heard from Max to be the horrified wailing that he was doing as he realized that not only was the endless 2nd day of driving not over and we were NOT, in fact, letting him out of his car seat at that awesomely shiny hotel, but that we WERE leaving Mommy there without him. Breaking. My. Heart. And his giggle is just so utterly awesome. Just ask Ben!

5. Making John laugh over anything. My husband is an engineer. He's quiet and logical, and he doesn't give up the laughs easily. So when I get a giggle out of him, it's a major accomplishment. And we hardly ever get hours to talk anymore...even if we had to do it over endless showing of Hero of the Rails, two Leapsters bleeping, and Max whining on a loop, "I want to go hoooooooome."

6. Dark chocolate. With sea salt. And gluten free caramel. mmmm....

7. My phone. How would I check FB obsessively/make silly boy videos/google safe gluten free dining options/play Hanging with Friends without my constant sidekick, Droid? Smartphone, how did I live so long without ye?

8. A second summer visit with my nephew. He actually ASKED to come back after spending three weeks with us (practically complete strangers) even though we made him eat (whispers dramatically) POT ROAST!    He is so awesome! Must take after his mother!

9. Back to Convention - getting my paws on the new catalog. there may be a bit of drooling happening now as I contemplate the goodness that awaits me Thursday morning! And helping at Create N Take this week. Never have I labored so carefully over every step of a layout's instructions before. Such attention to detail should not be for aught!

10.   My family - crazy as they are....I'd miss them to the moon and back.

And 10 Things I wouldn't miss if I died today:
1. The return leg of the Trip of Insanity. Thank goodness for scrapbooking. Once I get the pics in hand and scrap it, this trip will be a pleasant memory...with no mention of mosquitoes, lack of blankets, Target temper tantrums, and the fact that John managed to miss bringing my bag of appropriate for CA camping clothes forcing me to wear the same clothes for two days of driving until we bought new summer clothes for me (hence the opportunity for Target Tantrums in the first place). Yep, it's gonna be a great page!

2. On a related note: Tent camping in general. I'm really more of a Kamping Kabin girl...or a B&B girl. Or this lovely Marriott I'm blogging from tonight doesn't suck either. 

3. Jersey Shore articles in my US Weekly. Enough already - get a real job, real haircuts, and real lives.

4. Underwires. 'Nuff said.

5. Googling gluten free anything. Just 'cause I can do it doesn't mean I wouldn't rather be sitting down to a nice big hunk of Tiramisu. With a big cuppa yummy coffee to go with it...

6. Missing coffee. Does the pain of not having your favorite food in the world ever go away? Alas!

7. Shoes that are not flip flops. toes just gotta be free.

8. The torture of waiting,waiting, waiting for Convention to, open, open...patience is not one of my virtues tonight!

9. People who pass you repeatedly then slow down once they get in front of you, forcing you to then pass them in a vicious cycle. Cruise Control people! 

10.Swimsuits. I promised Cathy that we'd go swimming in Dallas and I bought a swimsuit for the first time since 2005. It's cute, with red & white polka dots, and when I wear it I feel great from the waist up....but ain't no swimsuit even made that will camouflage what having a torrid love affair with dark chocolate 3 kiddos will do to your bottom. Oh well - Imma gonna swim anyhow, and I won't look at my bottom, so it'll be a blast!

Did I mention how much more fun it is to blog on free WIFI in a quiet, clean, and air conditioned hotel room?   But I gotta go - my flight leaves way too early in the AM. 

Let the wild, crafty rumpus begin!


Stasha said...

Have a super smashing time at the conference and rock those polka dots! at the pool.
I have a dark chocolate with salt obsession too.

Haley D. said...

You totally crack me up! I so wish that I would be joining you at convention tomorrow! Enjoy your polka-dot-crafty-hat-on-a-stick-waving time!!!


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