Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Matters...and 10 Questions!

As I was working on photos for my Family Matters Album...ok pre-planning the photos I need to take on our trip to CA to fill my album... I remembered that I hadn't made a list for Stasha over at The Good Life this week. I love her fun writing challenges - such interesting things to write about and ponder!

This week she asked us to answer a list of ten questions. Many of the questions had me thinking about my family, which, as you can see above, matters to me! Of course there's always chocolate to consider too...

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, and find line 4. What is it?
Jodi Picoult, House Rules: “…to use nihydrin first. It reacts to the amino acid and then is followed by the…” It's about a boy with autism wrongfully accused of murder. So a heartwarming feel good story.

2. How many times a day do you say Hi?
About 300,000 – I have a two year old. He says “Hi, Mommy, Hi!” many times in a day. I dutifully answer... sometimes with tickles!

3. Have you ever worn a uniform?
Many – I was a total Band Geek in school. Forward, March!

4. What do you think about the most?
My Children’s gluten free diet…followed closely by unfinished stamping projects on my table, projects I haven’t started yet, and cheese. And missing coffee.

5. How many keys are on your keyring?
Three. Stasha didn't ask, but there are four keyrings on my key chain, as in the decorations outnumber the useful keys on my keyring. 'Cause that's how I roll.

6. What was the last thing you bought?
4 ½ pounds of U-Pick Blueberries from a local no-spray farm called Berries to Bellies….which my two youngest offspring took as an invitation to belly up to the all you can eat blueberry buffet. They totally should’ve weighed Max before and after, as he brought his picking bucket to the register with one lone berry inside. Which he promptly ate before his bucket was ready to be weighed - can't let one get away!

7. Are you growing anything these days?
Three small, rambunctious, but usually polite young boys and a super-sized Mount Washmore. Is it time to buy a new blouse do another load already?

8. What is under your bed?
Nothing. We bought a new house last year and we still have yet to buy a new bed. So my decade old mattress and box spring sit directly on the floor of my painstakingly painted room…a situation so far down on my list of things-to-get-around-to-eventually that I may hit forty still sleeping as a college student. Although in college I at least had a bed frame and a pretty ruffled bed-skirt...hmmm.... 

9. What is most important in life?
Not laundry. Not filing the project paper scraps correctly. Not bed skirts. Maybe chocolate. More likely being as present as possible for the three young men and one grown man who have completely changed my life. Or chocolate, one of the two.

10. What is the strangest word you used this week?
"No." And I’m pretty sure I’m pronouncing it wrong, too, since it seems to have little effect on my three wee ones beyond inducing bewilderment and promoting whining. Perhaps I should try it in a new language?

Wouldn't this make a great page? With Convention in a week, there was no time to make another page though... maybe later. After I have a square of extra dark, shop for a new bed,  and get some new socks toss in a load of laundry. 


Nuts 4 Scrappin' said...

Wendy - I always love reading your blog posts! One for the craftiness you impart on those of us who only can strive to be as good... and two, for the lovely ramblings that have sweetness, love and happiness all through them. You are a truly blessed soul!! :) thank you for sharing it with us! I count myself lucky to have you in my life (if even only through the internet - so far!)

Stasha said...

I love your wit oh so so much. I have no intention of ever scrap booking but I would pretend I do just so I could come over to yours and laugh my but off. I think NO is not working for me either...

Krista Ritskes said...

Oh how I love your list! Hee Hee. No seems to have the same effect around here.

Robbie K said...

Have you finished House Rules yet? It was a bit detailed to begin with but I ended up loving it. How do you find time to scrap with 3 little ones?

Wendy Coffman said...

Hi Robbie! This is my second time reading it. I love Jodi Picoult, and I thought it sounded interesting...twice, lol. I usually scrap in the late evenings, after the littles go to bed and I get some household stuff done (or watch an episode of whatever show my hubby is watching with him). Twice a month I host club/workshops at my home, and I get girl time /scrap time then too! My hubby knows CTMH is important to me, so he helps me find time. :)


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