Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Convention Round Up - Are you in it to win it?

Yee Haw! I figured today on sharing a few of the card projects that we made at Convention in Dallas. OK, I didn't actually make one single, solitary project while we were in Dallas...but that's not CTMH's fault! Actually, my card from yesterday was made with pieces I stole from another pre-cut card CTMH had designed, but I made other plans for the pieces! For these three cards I managed to pretty much follow directions,though I did bling up that center card a bit with my new pardner, Shimmer Trim
The first card is a bitty 4x4 card,just right for tucking into a present or gift bag. See that fabulous swoopy edge? This is one of the MANY new cards you can cut off the new CTMH exclusive Artiste cricut cartridge! I added a Flirty Raspberry backing to the little heart cut out and some sparkles to the sentiment (also cut on the Artiste) but otherwise I swear I followed the directions!
I also followed instructions here on this sweet Pun Fun Turtle card (other than some extra Slate distressing...but that doesn't count, does it?) 

Look at that adorable Shimmer Trim ruffle...with the adhesive backing, making ruffles with this new trim is so easy to do!
There was some instructional departure here, when I backed the Flirty Raspberry squares with Shimmer trim instead of just leaving it white. This is MUCH easier to do on a nice simple rectangle than it was on the swoopy frame from earlier this week. I didn't even need to patch it with Silver Glitter Glitz - just line up the strips and you are golden...or silver in this case!
Finally, here is a picture of the Rootin' Tootin' Convention exclusive Stamp set I'm giving away this week. How cute are those boots? Anyhow, if you havent' entered yet, no time like the present!  Please feel free to pass the entry news along to your friends and stampy buddies. If this one goes well, I'm hoping to start doing one every week! Tweet it, FB share it, pas it along - the more the merrier!
Now to find a good punny name for my weekly giveaway...Thanks for stomping by!


Allisa said...

Had to miss out on convention, would love the chance to win the stamp set! Fabulous cards! You have convinced me that I really need the shimmer trim!

Casandra Bennett said...

Loved your "punny" little story. The part where you said "Golden" made me giggle. Cute cards!

Carol said...

I signed up to follow you by email. Would love to win stamp set.


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