Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 things sitting on my stamp table

Stasha over at Northwest Mommy has a new Listicles up, Ten Things in my Home. Since I spend most of my middle of the night "free" time up in my Stamp Pad, I choose... 

Ten Random Things in my Stamp Pad right now.

1. Three pink glittery mittens left over from last weekend's card making (because I apparently can't count to twenty reliably).

2. Two mismatched boys sneakers which have neither partners nor boys who fit that size.

3. My brand new blinged out rhinestone encrusted stapler scored at Target after back to school!

4. My new mini fridge (also scored at Target - $30!!)...but that's still in the box so far...

5. An empty bag of Kettle chips...hmmm..wonder who ate those?

6. A display of most of the stuff I've made all summer left over from Open House...much nicer than the usual piles of stuff on my counter waiting to be put away.

7. Don't look that way...don't...stink...fine, the usual piles of stuff still waiting to be put away that I shoved over in that corner after deciding that would be good enough for Open House.

8. A picture frame made by Gabe in Kindergarten covered in aqua glitter and random gemstones because my sweet boy loves bling almost more than I do.

 9. Six half empty bottles of Liquid Glass... because I'm always positive I am almost out and need another bottle, which I then have to use right away because the tip is so nice and clean.

10. One tired mommy who should be sleeping but is instead blogging because Stasha writes super funny lists that make me want to play Listicles even when I should be in my snug cozy bed!

See y'all Friday for Friday Favorite Things - nighty night!

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Unknown said...

Let me be the first to tell you that is simply stunning! NEVER would of that to put Avonlea with Christmas!

Pamela OConnor said...

Ha ha! That was fun...check out mine at

Rachee said...

First time visiting. I love the idea of scrapbooking and will live vicariously through your blog.

Stasha said...

Sleep is for sissies. Blogging and stamping for cool chicks like us. The fridge is a usable fridge you mean?

Wendy Coffman said...

Yep! I bought a really big mini fridge just for upstairs to make my dream of a mini kitchen area up there come true...someday I'll go up there and not come back down again. Defecting to the Stamp pad, lol.


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