Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dakota Pages for Scrapbook Club!

Good afternoon, ladies! I meant to post this yesterday for my Monthly Memories Club gals, but was feeling a little under the weather. So no pics got added (sad!) but I'm feeling much better (glad!) and I'm posting as is (phew!) On the first two pages I used the Foil My StickEase to make the faux "bows". I also used a Twilight Alcohol marker to tint the resist pattern on my Houndstooth Irresistibles Alphabet, making my letters Blue and Black! 
I used patterns from the new Make It From Your Heart book for all the pages, which I am so LOVING!!  One of our favorite things to say around my boy-infested home is, "There's no extra charge for awesomeness." Make It From Your Heart sure proves that! So much awesome tucked into one $7.95 book! For this second set of pages I embossed stars in the background (which is black distressed with Black ink, but I pumped up the contrast to bring out the shiny stars). 
Finally, I stamplifted one of the actual samples from the Make It From Your Heart book but twisting it to fit my Dakota papers. The original had rainbow colored banners and  hand stitched clouds - as in every cloud was stitched all the way around the edges. We just went to the State Fair (ONE FAIR DAY, lol) and this year for the first time the boys rode this suspended chair ride that s...l...o...w...l...y... drifts across the fairgrounds. Of course, my train obsessed boys insisted on calling it the air tram. I'm planning an 8x6 Photo Collage of all the random fair pics (including tractors, an actual tiger, and a great big pickle) on the left and the awesome "air tram" pics for the right page. 

My clouds are not stitched...yet...I'm holding back for now! I did stamp them with third generation Slate ink using the swirly flourish in the Dakota Stamp set and added a glitter glitz "silver lining" to each cloud. I felt that the Dakota colors (and the Whisper Grey CS color) were a better fit for our typical Oregon weather. 

Although Gabe did say to me, completely earnestly just a couple of days ago, that something must be wrong with the sky. when we asked him why he explained, " 'Cause there aren't any clouds. The sky is supposed to have clouds!"  So John and I may be transplants, but our boys are Oregonian through and through!

Catch ya back here tomorrow to post the Friday Favorite Things Alcohol Marker Give-away. Good luck, and may your sunny summer skies be full of clouds. Just the way they should be!

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Casandra Bennett said...

Cute pages, Wendy! I really like the second layout with the black bases. Dakota is such a fun kit!


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