Sunday, January 6, 2013

Avonlea Monthly Memories Club Pages

Monthly Memories Club is meeting this Friday, and I'm so excited to make these pages with my Stamping Ladies (as my three little guys call y'all)! Avonlea is one of my favorite papers in the catalog - I was so excited to choose the Avonlea Card Workshop as my prize when I was Spotlighted on Jeanette's Blog because I can't get enough of it.  I purposely placed Avonlea at the end of our club schedule for this catalog because I knew that I would still be inspired by those beautiful prints even with the new Catalog sitting on the table next to me... but then December's Train of Minor Tragedies rolled in and I just plumb ran out of time to get anything done. I've got the last ten holiday cards sitting on the table at my left, a stack of half packed packages for my brother's kiddos Holiday gifts on my right, and there was just no way to cram in any more time last month. So I stamplifted these fabulous pages from two (well, sort of three) of my favorite CTMH stampers. 

How gorgeous are those white heat embossed flowers/snowflakes on this first layout? They are the creative genius of Karen Pederson, whose warm and witty blog you need to run over and follow right away. I love reading her posts,which make me feel like we're just chatting over a cuppa tea. Check out her fabulous salsa recipe too!
I stamplifted this second layout from Karen Pederson also, adding a bit of burlap to the right side of the layout. The Avonlea Canvas StickEase are just so pretty and easy to apply!
This last layout I lifted from Dawn Montanago, who told me she had lifted her version with extra stamping on the sides from one of my creative heroes (and yours too, I'm sure), Tresa Black. I added even more stamping down the sides, plus a title trimmed out of that fabulous burlap ribbon...and a ton of glitter!
For this one I went back to the Stardust Glitter Glitz, which add just a subtle shimmer. I also did some fun alternative inking on the more solid images, sliding the image across the pad in a swiping motion instead of the normal "pat pat" solid ink coverage we aim for when inking a stamp. I thought it added a nice bit of texture to the images!

One last note for my Canadian Consultant friends who have been waiting ever so patiently for a solution to the Stamping Rules Consultant Kit problem...The door is now open again! I've started building the Shop My Stash page on my blog (which anyone can shop from, of course) and now you can order kits again. Hooray! Check out the details on my Consultant Kits page and I'll be loading more products and a wider variety of products to the Shop My Stash page as time permits. Right now it's just stamps, but I plan to expand to include more retired products and page kits as well. Thanks for looking, and for your patience!

Two of my three kiddos are going back to school tomorrow, so it's (finally) back to our beloved routine. Have a great week, Stamping Friends!

P.S. Thanks to Karen, Dawn, and Tresa for the amazing Inkspiration this month!

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Casandra Bennett said...

Wendy, oh my gosh...that burlap title is awesome. I can't imagine the work you put into that but it is perfect, my friend.


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