Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday Listicles...10 Movies

It's Monday Listicles time, and I'm squeezing in a quick journaling post with this weeks topic, 10 Something about Movies. In our house I almost never have time to watch a movie anymore. Between Mom duties, Kid schedules, Housekeeping, Scratch Cooking, Crafting time, and Blogging, well...there's just not enough time. Maybe someday there will be a TV up in the stamp room, but even then I'd probably be watching old Gilmore Girls and Downton Abbey, since watching something new and paying attention to the craft on the table are not so much compatible...

So here's my list of the most loved kid movies in my house...since kid movies are about all that ever make it to the DVD player! My boys tend to perseverate on one movie at a time, and thankfully it is often the same movie, which helps to avoid the world is ending type temper tantrums over which movie to watch.

Disclaimer - my boys USUALLY only get one movie a day, right at the time I need to be cooking dinner, but occasionally when Mommy needs to finish a project for this blog.  That still adds up to 365+ movies a year, a number that would make me cry if they didn't also carry books with them everywhere they go, teach themselves to hang upside down for our "monkey bar", and craft at the kitchen table most every day. Judge if you like, but the ability to operate two cast iron skillets and an oven with (almost) no children underfoot is priceless!

10 Most Loved Kid Movies In My House

1. Thomas and the Magic Railroad - Seriously, Alec Baldwin? I mean, seriously? Have y'all seen this movie? I literally had to hide this disc because I cannot take one more viewing of this amazingly bad train movie, which of course means my boys love it without reason and would watch it 8 times in a row and ask for more. No Thomas Movie is gonna be nominated for, well, anything, ever, but this is the worst of the worst...and we own a bunch of them.

2. Bolt - If you'd ever told me that I would like a Miley Cyrus movie...however, for this one I can stand repeated viewings. Although it does leave me humming that song for days...'cause that home belongs to yoooouuu!

3. Kung Fu Panda - My lovely sister got my boys a box set of Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2. I thank her for my three year olds' tendency to run about screaming "I Po!" while making faux kung fu style poses that make him look like the world's most deranged Teletubby, since at home he's almost always dressed in zip up feetie style Buzz Lightyear jammies, occasionally with a pair of underpants on TOP of the jammies. Jack Black is funny though.

4. Toy Story - My three year old's current obsession. He will only wear Buzz or Woody jammies, preferably Buzz. I had to buy him multiple pairs because heaven forbid we reach bedtime and try to put normal pjs on the kid. You'd think we were trying to rip his fingernails out or something.

5. Toy Story 2 - Watched by said three year old mainly because his brothers cannot watch Toy Story original right now without whining that we've seen it a million times. Which we have (approximately), but I don't remind them that they used to be the same way...with the Magic Railroad... because heaven forbid they suddenly remember that movie exists, find it (though even finding their own shoes to put on when said shoes are on the floor right next to them is impossible), and force me to watch it again. And again. And again.

6. Toy Story 3 - I love this movie. Make me cry every single time at the end when Andy plays toys with Bonnie. It's missing in action - haven't been able to find it in forever. I will have to buy another copy soon, if only because this is the one movie that might budge my three year old from his current must-have-Toy-Story-1-every-single-day obsession, which is wearing thin with his brothers.

7. Cars 2 - We own no fewer than 8 different small Finn McMissile metal cars, plus 3-4 larger plastic versions that do various karate chop movements with wheels, hoods, whatever. It's still not enough to stop all three from arguing over who gets to play with Finn McMissile...I'm like, um, everyone can be Finn. Twice over! One for each hand AND one for your feet! My four year old was obsessed with becoming a spy for a while, but he can't master the art of not talking, wiggling, and being still necessary to sit in his dinner chair without falling out, so I'm going to assume that's not going to be realistic long term for him. "WHOOOOP! I'm spyyyying on you from the CLOSET!

8. Wall-E - I love how quiet the boys are when they watch this movie. After Wall-E we have some great discussions where they ask me lots of questions about why those people only eat food in shake form, recycling, and garbage. Ok, the older two - the three year old just wants to know when he gets to watch Toy Story 1 again. While wearing his Buzz jammies, which he unzips at the top occasionally to point out to me that he is nakey under his jammies, not dressed.

9. Tarzan - I think that Ben truly believes that Tarzan might be Diego all grown up. After a his obsession with Cars 2 tapered off he went though a stage where only Tarzan would do. There is probably a direct correlation between Ben's interest in all things Diego/Tarzan and the fact that we now own a pull up bar (otherwise knows as the Monkey Bar) installed in the play room door in a home where no one is buff or works out.

10. Nemo - Today we went to PetSmart, where they have an entire tank full of "Nemos" as Max was screeching while bouncing with joy. Ben looked at me disdainfully when I lifted Max for a closer look at the Nemos and scolded me, "Mom! You know those are clown fish, not Nemos." Thanks for the lesson, dear four year old. We always start it after the part where the mom gets eaten...my boys believe that the first line of the movie is "First day of school! First day of school!"

Bonus pick 
Babe - This is one of my favorite movies, and every now and then the munchkins will cave and allow me to choose Babe. Sometimes they fall asleep watching it (score!). I wish we had a little pig....or better yet, a sheepdog to keep my three little pigs in line! Laaa, la, la!

Got another post for you today (with artwork) in a bit!


AudreyN said...

My son is totally into Toy Story movies also! And surprisingly Wall-E. I saw surprisingly because there is really no talking!

Jessica B said...

We definitely have all of those movies - except #1, thankfully. My kids never seemed interested in Wall-E, but the Toy Stories... I may be able to quote nearly every line. :)

Jennifer said...

Love your list - this would seriously make a great scrapbook layout! My 2 year-old loves at least 7 from your list & Thomas & the Magic Railroad is his go-to pick every day as we wind down for naptime...

Azara said...

I love the Toy Story movies too. I remember the first time I saw Finding Nemo - I was so depressed by the beginning I almost didn't watch the rest of it.

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

I still love all of the Toy Story saga. Ellen

Stasha said...

Babe rocks. I think I know all three toy stories by heart. And your boy is beyond adorable in his buzz outfit!!


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