Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monday Listicles...almost

OK - I'm writing this listicles on Monday, but I can't post it until Wednesday 'cause I have too much to share this week. Stash over at Northwest Mommy has tasked us to write a list of 10 Things You Thought As A Child You Would Do/Be...

10 Things I Thought I Would Do/Be as a Child

1. Teacher - Becoming a teacher is pretty much the only career path I seriously considered. My decision was more about what KIND of teacher I'd be, which was a music teacher, for 5 years. I'm a five year burnout, folks...or I just figured out I could make more money as an admin at a big Tech company with sickeningly, amazingly, unable-to-believe-it reduction in work hours and no yard duty. Teaching in a classroom is totally awesome. A career as a specialist teacher in public schools...
Fresh out of college, engaged and ready to start my 1st year as a "real" teacher

2. Mother - which I am, currently, mom to three littles who occasionally make me long for the organized chaos of that aforementioned teaching career. But not often!
Preggo with number 3...and yes, we are done!

3. Independent - I had a picture of myself in my head, living in a little apartment with arched doorways, lots of plants on the patio and a cat or two. Quiet, independent, and nothing like my real life now.

4. Taller - I'm 5'1" if I stand up really really tall...and I don't do well in heels. Oh, well.
As a high school senior, second from the left, front low heels. Still short.

5. Calmer - When I first started teaching I was super duper patient. Now, after 6 years of child induced sleep deprivation, not so much. I'm still trying though...

6. Slimmer - OK, I did hit a c cup in seventh grade (TMI? sorry...), but I was slim all the way through to college, despite what my preference for XL sweatshirts and baggy jeans may have indicated. I've lost thirty pounds and now I'm stuck. If you tell me to exercise I may have to poke you in the eye.

7. Baker - and now we are gluten free...I loved to bake even as a young girl, and my only regret about the gluten free thing is that Pinterest wasn't around when I was busy not achieving number 6!

8. Well rested - I used to hop out of bed early in the morning to putter about and wonder how my hubby could just literally sleep all day. Now we have three super early birds who get up every day between 4 and 5 in the morning, and I'd kill to have a reason to even bother owning an alarm clock. If they stay asleep until 5:30 it's a miracle.

9. Gardener - I have not one but two thumbs of black death. My husband calls new plants I bring home "victims". I am a terrible gardener who lives in the green luciousness of Oregon for Pete's sake and still can't grow zucchini. But I'm awesome at the farmer's market!
2005 Caribbean Cruise - also the year I found out I actually have curly hair. Who knew?
10. World Traveler - Well, I've been to Canada, and the Caribbean (on a cruise with CTMH). So I've got some work to do there. Although right now I'd probably spend so many hours sleeping and reading if I were on vacation for a week that I might as well book myself into a local motel next to one of our few fav gluten free eats and save some bucks. But someday...when I grow up...

I hope you'll check back on Friday for a special Friday Favorite Things Giveaway and Blog Hop!


Created by Kathi said...

Wendy, what a cool thing to share... it was like we were chatting over coffee... thanks for visiting a while! lol Kathi

Nicole said...

That was fun to read! Thanks for sharing!!

Karen said...

So Cute! I got my Avonlea paper pack today! Thank you!


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