Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Tips

Check out my first layered Jamberry application! That fab Black Polka Dot on Clear went on OVER some Raspberry Sparkle to make a new combo nail. How fun is that? I just applied the Raspberry Sparkle first (heat, trim, file), then came back and applied the clear polka dot wrap right on top. It was easy peasy!
This is a messy Instagram pic, but I've been stamping up a storm in the Stamp Pad all weekend, and my fingertips are literally stained a pale Slate color that no amount of handwashing will remove right now. That Slate tint is accented by Lagoon and Cranberry splotches (a little sneak peek into my post for Blog Hop later this week!), so my hands are basically a wreck right now. But flip over and my Jams still look great, even after all the paint, ink, and handwashing! I thought maybe the double thickness on the layered Jams would peel up, but so far it's holding string a week later!

Can you tell I'm stoked about being able to alter my Jams...craftiness is an addiction, I tell ya! To celebrate this new Jamberry crafty manicure I'm giving away a 1/2 sheet of the Black Polka Dot on Clear Jams to two different lucky ducks this week on Friday! That's enough for a full Mani and Pedi!
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You can earn extra entries by sharing my giveaway and tweeting each day, too. Good luck to you, and check back for more art and a New Product Blog Hop coming later this week!


Joy said...

Holiday - snowflakes would be my favorite but I like most of them!

Created by Kathi said...

Sorry you are getting spam but I am in love with your Jams! Wish I had some :) Thanks for offering! Kathi

Kristin said...

Love your creativity with the dual tips!


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