Wednesday, March 13, 2013

10 Fantastic Smells

So I won't have much art to show you this week. Not that I'm not busy crafting away, just not making anything that I can show you...yet. So here's a slightly late Monday Listicle to help tide you over until I can get back to sharing. 

10 Fantastic Smells

1. Chocolate anything. Chocolate peppermint...even better!

2. Clean Sheets. Especially sheets someone else has washed and made the bed with...those smell extra fantastic.

3. Ocean.

4. Newborn Babies. I have a theory that they smell so good so that no matter how crazy you get with lack of sleep and postpartum hormones, one whiff can cure it all...

5. Coffee. I can't drink it, but I can breathe it in. Pay no mind to the woman standing silently in the coffee aisle breathing's totally normal.

6. Cookie baking. Sometimes the baking smell is more delicious than the actual cookies. Just sayin'.

7. Pizza. We don't get to eat it often now (gluten free pizza is either expensive or not very good not to mention not exactly the healthiest thing to eat), but the smell...

8. Sunshiny days spent at the park...grass, warm breeze, happy kiddos!

9.Flowers, especially surprise flowers you didn't buy for yourself.

10. Brand new paper. Am I the only paper sniffer round here? I just LOVE it when a new order comes, and you bust open that new pack of paper with that crisp new paper smell! Works for new books too....mmmm, paper!

Hope you are having a fantastically smelly week!


paul said...

Yes, yes, yes to number 2 and 9.

Yona Williams said...

I had chocolate chip cookies baking on my list too. They smell amazing. I also had coffee brewing first thing in the morning.

I agree...clean sheets smell very comforting...especially when they still have the heat on them and you lay across a freshly made bed.


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