Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Be Awesome Today!

Today my second child is 5 years old. That's him in the biggest photo, with the biggest smile, wrestling around with my Dad and Sister on a trip to CA last year. See him off to the right with his arms flung up, running full bore with abandon, giggling with glee? That's my brilliant boy Ben! 

Ben leaps headfirst into everything, loving life, ready for action, can't hold still for a second. Sometimes his focus on living in the moment leads to when he snapped his glasses in half (twice) or this weekend when he managed to chip two of my husband's teeth accidentally while literally CLIMBING THE WALLS (well, the doorways) of our home like Spider-man. But mostly this little tornado of glorious energy reminds me to try anything, never give up, to enjoy life, to just be awesome. He adds a B to the front of words so they'll sound more like his name. I wish I had his self confidence!

Plus, even though the anxious worrywart mom inside me might wish that he could not scale to the top of the doorways spider man style to dangle from the top of the door frame... how awesome is it that he can? Ben's philosophy in life tends to go along the lines of "Why Not?". "Because it's not safe, buddy." "But I'm awesome at (insert physical and possibly dangerous activity here)". 

Yes, buddy, you are awesome, indeed. Happy birthday, B-awesome Ben!


Created by Kathi said...

How fun that your son has such a cool mom that can love him just the way God made him... full of loving life... so soon he will be grown... maybe some gymnastics lessons are in order ! LOL thanks for sharing your ball of love with us and Happy Birthday Ben! Kathi

Wendy Coffman said...

Gymnastics lessons are a big topic around here right now, least then someone would be teaching him how to do these crazy things safely! He's an easy to love just can't take your eye off the prize!


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