Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And then he kissed me...

Just a quick Studio J layout and a not-quite-Monday Listicle to share today. The boys and I did do a craft today, making paper flowers that we floated in the bathtub after school. These pics are from a seed planting project from last year. My boys sure do love a messcraft! Not sure exaaaactly where they get that from {whistling} but I'm grateful for Studio J, which makes my quickie pics of the boys look so awesome. 

Stasha over at the Good Life has tasked the Listicles with a list of the 10 Favorite Places My Dear Hubby Has Kissed Me. I'm not usually one to kiss and tell...but for Stasha...

1. The hallway of Price House at UOP...first kiss sweetness!
2. On the tour of his high school on my first trip to his home town.
3. Top of the Space Needle when he proposed. Surprise!
4. At our lovely outdoor wedding in Apple Hill.
5. In Maui where we honeymooned.
6. In the Caribbean for my CTMH Cruise. Best vacation ever!
7. In Vegas 2005, when he came along for support (and poker) while I taught at Extravaganza. We discovered that what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas...ahem.

8. At Tuality Hospital (for baby #1 in 2006) and St. Vincent's (twice for babies #2 and #3)
9.  At Hawthorne Fish House, a GF fish place he found for our last date night!
10. Just now in our kitchen where he's doing dishes while I work on my blog and instructions for Friday's workshop. He so rocks!

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Stasha said...

Ha ha, love the Vegas one :) Lovely to see you on a pretty scrapbook page!


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