Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ten Acronyms I Love

As an ex-very-large-tech-company-who-shall-remain-unnamed (but if you live in Hillsboro, you know who I mean), acronyms flow from my lips like water when I try to sip neatly out of a cup with not straw. My hubby is also from that particular tribe, so there's a lot of that acronym business going on in our home. Sasha from the Good Life has tasked us with making a list of ten acronyms we use regularly. NP! (No problem!)
I'm even using LOL when I journal my pages...ROFL!

Ten Acronyms I Use Way Too Often

1. LOL - I know, I know. At first when people were writing LOL, I was all, no way I'm using that one. And now I'm an LOL junkie. I blame Twitter. and Pinterest. and the fact that y'all are just too funny.

2. ROFLOL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud, mostly used when writing my sister on FB or text. Hi, Heidi!!   ROFLOL

3. ROFLOLSHMSFOAIDMT - Ok I don't really use this one because it's just too long (among other reasons), but I do love tacos a lot, so every time I see it I do a giggle-snort combo that's either really unattractive or way funny depending on how long we've been chattingdrinking. Ok, that one made me chuckle but it's not even close to true since I almost never drink (alcohol), so I'm gonna blame it on the chocolate. So my snort is funnier after a few hours of chocolate eating. I swear - come crop with us and I'll show you! BYOC. Just saying.

4. OMW - what I text to my hubby when I'm on my way...from the store, to the crop, who cares, I'm OMW!

5. CS - I do it on my blog, too. Every blog post I have to go back and spell out the word "cardstock" since I tend to type CS almost automatically. Now can I just use the acronym?

6. LG - Liquid Glass. Everyone should start calling it LG. Way easier to type.

7. MMM - Monthly Memories Club. Although when I type that no one knows that I'm talking about, even my club members...'cause they all just call it club. Maybe that's a good thing, like my scrapbook club is SO EPIC that it only needs one name. Like Madonna. Or Jello.

8. WOTG - Only other CTMH lovers know what WOTG is. And probably not even all of them. See what I did there? Acronym inside an acronym's a sickness!

9. CTMH (#1) - CTMH stands for Close To My Heart, my favorite, most awesome scrapbooking company ever!

10. CTMH (#2) - Also stands for Can't Tell My Husband, as in your scrapbooking purchase was so epic now you CTMH so you have to sneak it into the house one piece at a time to blend it in with the stash you already own. Which I have never, ever done, since I am more of a TMI kind of gal when showing hubby my new goodies, TYVM.

That's it for me - TTYL!


Amber said...

I am stealing your second CTMH definition love it! Can you explain the long one? I have never seen it before.

Kerry said...

I like No. 10 -- this may be one I need to introduce. :)

Wendy Coffman said...

I almost didn't include it because I didn't want to offend anyone...but that's said, I'm part Puerto Rican, and I {heart} all kinds of Mexican food and peoples, so... It means Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud So Hard My Sombrero Fell Off And I Dropped My Taco. If you feel the need to flick things at me now, please send sparkles and rhinestones! or tacos (gluten free of course)!

Wendy Coffman said...

Ooh - and I'm not nearly cool enough to own an actual sombrero, but a girl can dream!

Stasha said...

You scrappies have as many acronyms as the Navy ;) love this list, I was an LOL snob too but in the end... If its funny it you just gotta LOL

Nancy Ball said...

Your acronyms are funny, especially #10. I must say though, what grabbed my attention was the wonderful justice you did the colour yellow! I just LOVE your layout and how you incorporated everything.

Yona Williams said...

LOL @ #10.

I've never heard of OMW, but that is a good one to use! Makes a lot of sense.

In the art world, although I haven't had enough time to participate - I love ATC (Artist Trading Cards).

Happy Listicles Monday!

Yona from Yona Writes

Julia @ Mini Van Dreams said...

I LOVE the CTMH #2.... If my husband knew all the supplies I bought I'd be divorced. Newest follower... found you through the Listicles!

Julia @ Mom on the Run x2

Created by Kathi said...

Love your listicles this week but also love your layout! It is fabulous! So glad you took 8 of your team with you last year! Hope more can go this year! Kathi

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

OMG! this was so funny! I needed a good laugh today! and I thought OMW meant "Oh my word!"... to be a little nicer than OMG. Oh well... and that long one? what a hoot.. I'll have to use that on my FB page and see if anyone knows what it is. And I too would need a GF (gluten free) taco! You are a riot. I just started following you, also because you live in Oregon and so do I! I love that second CTMH one too... although my hubby usually knows everything I buy as he likes me showing it to him! strange huh? LOL.....

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh and BTW... what does TTYL mean???

Wendy Coffman said...

TTYL = Talk To You Later!

Wendy Coffman said...

Kathi - this year we're going to Orlando, Florida (So I think near you, right?) and there's 10 of us so far!


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