Thursday, May 23, 2013

Practical Scrappers Practical Storage

Today over at Practical Scrappers we are doing a feature on crafty storage. I'm focusing on my Ribbon Cube. This was originally a shoe storage cube, but I re-purposed it into ribbon storage using clear plastic jars. The quart jars hold small ribbon rolls, scraps, trims, and pre-made bows sorted by color. 

Behind the jars I stack bigger/full rolls of ribbons and trims, also sorted by color. I will probably hoard that roll of CTMH black gingham ribbon for eternity...
On top of the ribbon cube I have a lazy susan from IKEA. I topped it with spice jars. These I filled with buttons sorted again by color. I'm moving all my storage over to ROYGBIV. Dontcha love that I needed an extra jar just for Rhinestone Buttons? In the middle of the jars I stack 3-D foam tape rolls, glue dots, and other special adhesives. 

And for you inquiring minds, the little three drawer desktop organizer on top of the ribbon box is filled with Glitter Glitz, Stickles, and my spray pens. And lest you think my counter-top in front is always that clean...I just shoved all the projects in progress to one side so it would look tidy for the photograph. I am truly an organized disaster. You're welcome.

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