Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favorite Things!

Hi, Stampin' Friends! I am off playing at a crop all day today, so this is gonna be quick! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite projects, even if it is rather less embellished than my usual hoopla. I made this awesome prize wheel from an IKEA lazy susan that runs about $8 after seeing one made by the fabulous Christine Tavernier. I have the same exact lazy susan in my Stamp Pad with glass jars of buttons on top of it. To make the spinner I pried the rubber gasket off the back. Then I painted the lazy susan with silver spray paint, then covered it with our Chalkboard self adhesive paper. Once I had the chalkboard paper lined up I covered the seams with Red Shimmer tape and filled in the groove on the spinning part with multiple layers of Red Glitter Glitz. There is a row of black sequin tape around the outside of the spinner from the new Black mini Medley. It's HEAVY, so I got this cast iron cookbook stand at Target to hold it up for convention....'cause I always pack something cast iron in my suitcase to fly across the country to Florida. Don't you?
I used lots of the chipboard arrows from the ProPlayer Assortment to create my prize arrow. The prizes get written around the outer edges in plain old chalk. When you spin the arrow points to the winning choice. This is a great project for parties and craft fair prizes...but it's also great for the kiddos at home. When you write chores or tasks around the outer edges and they have to spin to see what to do, it seems to feel like winning to my boys. Woo hoo - I got vacuum! Since I pay them with pom poms from our management system...I win! Everytime! And that's one of my favorite things for sure!

I'm off to crop with some peeps, so I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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