Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monday Listicles

This week's Monday Listicles topic is something almost as near and dear to my heart as glitter and! Stasha is asking for a list of our Ten Favorite Meals. Since I do pretty much all the cooking from serious scratch round these parts, here's what's on the menu at my house.

10 Favorite Meals
1. "Tacos" which is what the boys call anything remotely Mexican in flavor, since we don't usually bother to buy tortillas anymore and eat those flavors most in bowl format. Except for 3 year old Max, who calls salami "tacos" when he's not calling it pizza.

2. Roast Chicken...sort of...I "roast" a whole chicken in my crock pot once a week, then make stock with the bones that night. 

3. Chicken Soup, made with that week's stock and whatever veggies I have on hand that week. All veg goes into the pot, and it all gets pureed at the end to a nice, smooth "chicken soup" that my picky-pants-hates-the-idea-of-veggies 7 year old slurps up happily. I win! 

4. Pot Roast. Mmmmm. Once my nephew was visiting from CA and he complained that all we ever eat is Pot Roast. He wanted me to make chicken like his mom makes...from KFC. Now that I've finished literally LOLing again, in her defense, his mom does not serve him KFC. Still funny!

5. Pasta with Tomato Sauce, which I can myself. I feel like I can say that now, since this is my second year canning and I have filled my pantry with jars of yumminess this summer. Happy!

6. Carnitas with Rice and Beans. This is my personal fav - so easy and delicious. Anther crock pot recipe, which I love because I can make dinner before my hubby leaves in the morning and there's not awesome cooking dinner issues with the boys at 4 p.m. 

7. Eggs - when we hit a wall and there's no dinner's time to make eggs (with sausage if I've done the shopping that week).

8. Chilaquiles! I first heard the term on my favorite show of all time, Gilmore Girls. Turns out it's not just fun to shout out "Chilaquiles!!", it's really delicious too. 

9. Taco Soup is what I serve every month to my Scrapbook club. I used to try out different recipes and wear myself out, but they love Taco Soup, so now it's our regular meal. 

10. Except when I make Potato Cheese Soup. With lots of bacon. 'Cause everything is better with bacon.


Casandra Bennett said...

Amen to #10, sweetie. LOL I grew up in a house where my mom cooked everything (well, practically everything) with cheese and bacon. While I don't do that as much, I do sometimes. Hehe. I might have to play along with this one, too. Food is something that makes my family happy, happy, happy!

Lisa @ The Meaning of Me said...

I love #1 - calling anything remotely Mexican "tacos" is great. And the pizza/salami thing, too. Kids crack me up.

Love a pot roast or roast/slow cooker chicken at the beginning of the week to keep on hand for sandwiches, etc. I often do the same.

karen said...

never heard of Chilaquiles....going to have to look that one up. great list...roast chicken and pot roast are also quite yummy

Rachee said...

Pot's been a while. Now I want some. And everything is better with bacon.


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