Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ruffle my Feathers

This week Stasha over at Northwest Mommy asked for a list of top ten irritating things. I could probably write a bazillion about things little boys do that drive me crazy...but since I love them so, instead I'm gonna count my blessings and do a listicle on Crafty things that make me make a sad face.

Top Ten Crafty Things that Ruffle my Feathers 
See what I did there? Crafty puns totally make me giggle. Sorry if that distresses you! 

1. When you click on a Pinterest Pin that goes...nowhere. Seriously, folks, pin from the actual blog post!
2. When you finish a complicated scrapbook title page treatment (diecuts, glitter, distressing, know, the usual!) only to figure out that you've spelled it wrong. Like that Forth of July layout when I was preggo, right clubbers?  

3. When I hear repeatedly at a craft fair that my prices are amazingly low and my crafts are totally awesome...but not selling enough to pay for my babysitting bill. 

4. When you peel the backing off red line or foam tape, and then can't get the backing to get off your fingers. Sometimes that static is clingier than the adhesive!

5. When you drop a stamp/sparkle/sticker and cannot find it anywhere...until you ask your stamp buddies to help and then it's suddenly right in front of you.

6. When my sweet hubby reads over my shoulder while I'm typing to you, dear stamping friends...and corrects my spelling or grammar. Ahem.

7. When I finish a card and flip it over to stamp on my signature on the back...only to find that I've glued the card front on upside down. 
When in doubt, add glitter!
8. When you meet people who hate glitter. I eat glitter for breakfast, lunch, and tea. I cannot relate.

9. When you find an awesome craft blog, and they don't have a Follow by Email feature. I LOVE to Follow by Email. Every morning my email is happily filled with amazing projects and fabulous blog posts...and if your blog won't let me follow by email...well, then I'm not following at all. Sad.
10. When I'm in the middle of creating and I have to stop abruptly to go, you know, participate in my real life. It's hard to shift gears quickly, once you've gotten into the groove. There's just not enough time in the day for everything I want to craft! That is not to say I don't love every bit of caring for these three little monkeys. I just needed to finish applying that last coat of glitter!

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Lalia Harris said...

I laughed so hard over # 4 that my husband heard me from the other end of the house. That stuff is crazy sticky and it's just static! I can relate to all but #6. I usually get feedback after I send my newsletters.

Great list Wendy. Thanks for the giggles.

Stacey said...

#1 is a HUGE pet peeve. The worst is when I pin a recipe and it goes nowhere. Grrr!

Maureen said...

Mine is #2-- I either mis-spell a title or a word(s) in my journalling notes. On a few occassions, I even I totally mess up the journalling. Once I wrote 'it's the year of the dragon' only to be corrected by my Chinese daughter who said, "but mom it was the year of the tiger-- don't you remember!". Oh well:)

Heather North said...

Your post made me laugh! I can so relate to most of these. #7 happens to me more often than I care to admit. I struggled with #5 over the weekend, expect nobody was there to find the glitter star I had punched out. I found it after the card was finished. :)

Marie said...

Are there really people who hate glitter? I too dislike it when my husband reads over my shoulder!!

Stopping by from Every Day Is a Miracle:

Unknown said...

Oh geez! Totally number 2!! After all that effort and time, and it's misspelled! It makes me want to punch it in the throat - if it had one. Ha!

Yona Williams said...

Yes..Pinterest pins that go nowhere's like just seeing a photo and that's it. How am I supposed to find the recipe that goes with the picture that I am salivating over?

OMGoodness...who doesn't like glitter? I'm sorry, but it just makes everything so much happier.

Phoebe Wulliman Graber said...

I'm not into stamping but have done a lot of scrapbooking over the years. I can certainly relate to several items on your list...misspelled words, upside down pages, etc. However, I'm one of those individuals just not into glitter!

Tanya said...

Boy! Can I relate to all of your points! I get especially bummed about the subscribe by email omission of some really cool your blog...happy holiday season!

Lisa P said...

LOL I can totally relate to #7. I do that quite a bit!

Krista Ritskes said...

I totally agree with every single one! :)


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