Friday, January 24, 2014

Laughing Lola Monthly Memories Club

My Stampin' Ladies are coming over tonight. I'd normally be super excited because they are totally awesome and hanging out on club night is one of my favorite things each month, but this time is a little bittersweet for me. 

Next month we are moving our family to another state. Everything is just falling into place so quickly, I can hardly catch my breath. While I'm excited for the new home that we've found for our family (full day kinder for Ben!) and relieved that our lovely current home is going into inspection for the sale next week (phew!)...I am going to miss seeing these ladies every single month so very much. I've already made plans to come back for scrapbook expo and we'll still be scrapping together long distance via our kit club, so I know this isn't goodbye forever. 
Tonight I'll enjoy every moment of my last scrap night with my Portland Stampin' Ladies. We will eat Taco Soup and cheesecake. We will scrap these Laughing Lola pages. While we scrap we will share our stories, our trials, our small victories, our lives...we will make memories together. I'll be grateful for one more night of scrappy laughter and smiles. Thank you for a decade of laughs, ladies. You are close to my heart! 


Casandra Bennett said...

Very cute layouts! Enjoy your scrappy time, Miss Wendy.

diva8946 said...

These are awesome layouts! Are they created with Studio J? If so, how did you create the banner effect on the paper strip in the top right corner? I know how to do it with solid background colors but the pattern has me stumped! Thanks in advance for your response.

Wendy Coffman said...

Hi! It's not Studio J - the paper banners are part paper and part chipboard Complements trimmed into banners. 😊


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