Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Only!

I am so addicted to the CTMH Cricut cartridges. They are the first thing I reach for when I cut, so much so that the rest of my cartridges are pretty much dusty and unused (except for Mickey and Friends). But that's Mickey. And I believe that CTMH just makes the best cartridges!

Monday only CTMH is offering an unprecedented
20% off any and all CTMH Cricut Collections!
CTMH has never done this before!
Let me tell you why I love our cartridges more than the average Cricut cartridge.

1. Each cartridge has 700 images. That's like getting multiple cartridges all in one. They fill every key and every feature key with cricut goodness. The average cartridge has anywhere from 50-70 images I've read. Even at full price they are an amazing cricut value!

2. They come with 3 coordinating stamp sets. Look at the cuteness of that font and the comprehensivness of that sentiment set that comes with the newest cartridge, Artfully Sent. It's like never-need-another-card-sentiment set again goodness. Not that THAT will stop me from buying another stamp set. But I won't need one. You know.

3. They are bundled with coordinating cardstock or chipboard images to use with the cartridge and stamps. Since the stamps are clear, it's easy peasey to line up the images and go to town! 

4. With as many images as the cartridges hold, the stamps and papers are seriously like free bonuses. You're already getting triple or more images than you would if you bought a normal cartridge, but here's some bonus goodies worth another gob of $$ to make the deal even sweeter. This is one reason why I heart you, CTMH!
5. The images on these cartridges are unique and interesting. it's not 200 new images and 500 repeats. Because there's so much good stuff they include an images guide and often an assembly guide. 'Cause otherwise how you gonna glue that baby bootie together? 
Art Philosophy is my go to for scrapbooking and card making shapes. Like I seriously need it to function when designing now. And for the 3-D flowers. I HEART 3-D flowers.

Artiste is amazing for gift bags, 3-D items, cards, and generally cool craftiness that is way easier to make than it looks. And even more 3-D flowers!
Artbooking makes my scrapper's heart swoon with amazingly intricate overlays and details for pages and mini books.
And the newest cartridge is called Artfully Sent. It's got a bazillion super cool fun cards that you can just choose, cut, glue, and go!

Ok, enough gushing - if you've been on the fence, today is your day, sista!
20% off any and all CTMH Cricut Collections. MONDAY only.
Merry Cyber Monday!

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