Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 135: Glitter is My Favorite Color Shirt

So I went back and forth about this for a long time. My team made awesome glitter quote shirts for our Convention team shirt this year. Each of us chose a crafty quote that spoke to us. We cut them out of Silver iron-on vinyl on my Cricut Explore. Cohesive but creatively individual - that's my team! But that means I have a lot of quote cut files to share. Do I put them all in one super mega post? Do I share them one at a time and flood the blog with black t-shirt pics like this? I think I'm going to share them 3 at a time, because I have other stuff to share this week, too. 
This is my Team Shirt quote - are you surprised? The font on all three of these quotes is from Artiste. We will wear these shirts at the opening session on Thursday. We are putting the quotes on Black t-shirts to make the silver glitter really pop!  
This is my design process for Elaine's shirt. Once you have everything where you want it, change all the colors to the same color. Choose "Select All" and click "Attach" on the Layers tab. When you go to cut, be sure to click the box to mirror the image so everything will read correctly once you've ironed it all onto your shirt. 
Some of us also opted to put the CTMH logo and our websites on the back of the shirts, across the shoulders, like Carolyn's design. None of the files below include the CTMH Logo (or our websites), as CDS wouldn't let me share any files saved with that image in it. I'll do a post later on how I got the logo into CDS. That'll have to wait until I get back from sunny SoCal! 

My Favorite Color is Glitter CDS Cut File
Distracted By Shiny Things CDS Cut File
Leave a Little Sparkle CDS Cut File
I highly encourage you to grab some iron-on vinyl and give this type of project a go - it's addictive and so much fun!


Unknown said...

did you mean for the glitter saying to not be shared?

thank you

Wendy Coffman said...

You can share if you like, Cathy. That's why I posted the file! 😊


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