Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 143: Customized Mickey Head Shirts

So with my boys join me at Disneyland after convention this year we (I) wanted to have a family shirt for group photos. It needed to be simple, as I'd be handling production myself, but a bit customizable.
Cricut Iron-on vinyl to the rescue. It's like the summer of all things vinyl around here. So I got some plain red and red glitter iron-on vinyl and set to work. Each person got their name cut out of the Mickey head using the Waltograph font. Most of the boys got the red vinyl and the girls chose red glitter, though there was some switching based on personal preference. It's all good.
Max, my little tuxedo wearing fashionista decided that not only did he want a glitter head, but that his needed to have a bow-tie. Naturally. And since I was cutting him a bowtie...I cut a few more so some of the girls now had silver bows for a Minnie head, too. Max was the only one who wanted a bow-tie though. 

I chose black t-shirts for my little family group, others chose grey or white. The most important thing is that we were together making memories.  

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