Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day138: Liquid Glass Holder

As this posts, people are already lining up outside the ballroom for what I affectionately call "the happiest day of the year". Thursday Opening Session is where CTMH slowly reveals to us bit by bit, through entertaining skit after skit what kind of fabulous the new idea book holds. The anticipation is just about killing us! But if you are at home, you are (sadly) not here with us. Perhaps you need a handy project to keep you occupied while you wait for the tweets and Instagrams to start pouring in?
 I learned about these from an sweet and talented fellow consultant, Becky McClain. I've been using mine every day since the day she gave it to me. It keeps your Liquid Glass suspended upside down so you don't need to unplug it with the pin so much when you are crafting! I made some for my Stamping Rules team, and added a little pin holder on the side with a bit of shimmer tape.  

You just need a 3/4" PVC coupling. I found mine at Lowe's for 29 cents. I wrapped it in red polka dot paper (adhered with Liquid Glass, natch!), mickey washi tapes, and gold shimmer trim. The possibilities are endless. I think it would make a great crop gifty, too. Thanks, Becky!

Now back to... Open! Open! Open! 

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