Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 196: Through the Year January Pocket Scrapbook Page

One of the pocket scrapbooking projects I completed for convention was scrapping a year's worth of photos from what I like to call my "random cell" file. Every month I move my pictures off my phone into folders on my laptop. I organize these by trip, kid, etc... and then I make a monthly folder full of the silly one-off pics I take of the kids and what we are doing each day.
As soon as I saw the Through the Year Picture My Life cards I knew they'd be perfect for scrapping these photos that I love, but never get scrapped because there's just one pic. For January of last year there weren't as many random photos (because we were getting ready to move) so I only made one page. I added some stamping with Jennifer's Hand, and some of the pretty new aqua shimmer trim.

I know I'm not likely to keep up with an actual Project Life scrap-every-week thing, and I can live with that. I'm a binge scrapper, when I find the time, I scrap...a lot. This round up of my favorite random pics fills that need for me. I'm planning to go back with the same card set and do previous years of "random cell" pics for a this is our life type album separate from all our other scrapping. I'll be sharing the rest of these pages throughout this month, as I grew braver with the cards as I became more comfortable with the pocket scrapbooking. 

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