Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 210: November Through the Year Pocket Scrapbook Layout

I love how in months when you have a bunch of photos you can just leave out the cards and include what you like.
The blue painters tape pic? It's from when I went to Ben's classroom a bit early and had to wait for them to come back from recess. I saw this tape applied in tiny pieces and totally assumed my wiggle work of a kiddo was picking bits of tape off the long piece a few inches away and stock piling them next to his desk from boredom. I set to cleaning up the "mess"...and as I peeled off the bottom layer the entire facing of the laminate fell off.  I realized that he'd actually been quietly fixing his table top, not breaking the tape. So I put the fix back in place and snapped a quick pic to remind myself not to jump to conclusions...and how helpful Ben can be.
I love to grab quick pics of some of the silly drawings the boys make too. You can't save them all or you'd drown in paper. The pics are easier to keep, to remember their baby handwriting and determined marker strokes. One more month to go!

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