Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 216: Ellie's Adventure Book

So you may remember that the CTMH convention this year had a Up! theme, and that's like one of my all time favorite movies. I know I was supposed to keep it simple, but COME ON, y'all know simple isn't really my bag. Jill did say I could do a little something if I had time after I finished the pocket pages. So I knew that I HAD to make Ellie's Adventure book. This project was my destiny!
So I got me a Kraft Mini Album that hold either 4x6 or (2) 3x4 Picture My Life cards. I wet some Chocolate Cardstock, then carefully crumpled it up, smoothed it back out and hit it with my iron (which basically only irons craft know, perler beads, cricut iron on vinyl, paper, etc...). Then I trimmed my panel to the correct size for the front cover of my book and sanded my already distressed cardstock gently but heavily to get the right look. I hand stitched the gold detailing on the "cover" using 2 strands and then 8 strands of gold sewing thread. The letters are cut on my cricut (Art Philosophy font at 1/2 inch...can I just take a moment to say thank goodness I got an explore last spring?) and colored with alcohol markers and coated with layers of Liquid Glass. I got the little globe from one of the Going Places Picture My Life cards and added some gold shimmer trim to "tape" it on. I added a sanded and embossed strip of Sorbet Cardstock on the left edge to simulate the cover of Ellie's Adventure Book
Just keeping it simple, right? Ok, the cover was a lotbit of funwork...but it wasn't too insane, and I was totally a good kid on the inside, sliding in the cards and pics without any fuss at all. I got to work with my friend's photos from her trip to Europe (Thanks, Bonnie!), so with amazing pics like that, who needs more embellishments? Me, ok, me, but I was still creatively fulfilled from making the cover so it was all good. 

I have GOT to go somewhere cool so I can make my own adventure book, because these Going Places cards need to be going someplace... This was one of my favorite projects I've made all year, and I hope y'all love it as much as I loved making it!

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