Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 266: Inspired By Album Retreat Layout

So tonight's Album Retreat Layout was definitely the fastest layout we put together. It's made mostly from PML cards!  
In the end I like the idea of the layout, but putting everything on an angle like that was making me nutty. I knew as I was laying it out that I wasn't feeling this, but I figured I came to Album Retreat to learn something new, so I decided to embrace the challenge. I'm glad I tried it out, but maybe next time I think I'd line everything up neatly with no slant. Try as I might I couldn't get the lines to match up across the break. While it looks fine in my album (I have the Lagoon Chevron D Ring for this project), the way it's all slightly off just bugs me. It's interesting how different techniques work for different people, right?  Ask me to slop watercolor drips all over a perfectly tidy layout and I'm all like, "No prob!", but add a slant to some PML cards and I can't even... Funny what scrapbooking can teach you about yourself.

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