Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 327: Lego Crochet Scarf

In the midst of moving, packing, sorting, my oldest son's Lego Robotics team is preparing for state competition this weekend. So in my "spare time" I've been working on a couple of Lego projects for him, including this Lego scarf, as seen on Pinterest
Now I am a capable, if slightly indifferent yarn worker. I can crochet fairly competently, and I can knit a bit, but most of the time I'm kind of watching TV or chatting over coffee and not really paying attention. So I was a bit nervous taking on this Lego brick project using the bobble stitch (which I'd never heard of before). Luckily, the instructions and video link on Deb's Blog: FitzBirch Crafts were excellent, and I could whip out little yarn Lego bricks whenever I had a spare few moments. When I presented the finished scarf to my offspring, he was thrilled, which you can totally see in the picture he let me take of him before school today (not). He actually does like it, he just did not want me to take his picture wearing it.  They grow up so fast!

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