Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 344: Penelope WYW Card 2

For the second card design from that same Penelope Workshops Your Way Kit, I chose a slightly different inking technique for the Rock 'n' Roll bunny.
The general idea is the same, but with a yellow like Canary, if you ink a stamp and then stamp it off onto scratch paper, the second generation is likely to be almost non-existent. That's no good if you still want to keep the detail in the image.
What I like to do for very light shades like Canary is to ink the first generation on the stamp with a swiping motion, using the edge of the pad to wipe some of the ink off the image. Then I go back and roll the edges firmly into the same color, creating a more solid edge and the shading I want without losing the definition of the image. I'm sure I'm up to my elbows in green paint for Ben's room today, so I hope you'll forgive the less than stellar photos. I'll have my new studio (and my shot box!) set up for you soon!! 

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