Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 348: Penelope WYW Pocket Scrapbook Layout

Oh my golly, I wish I had already unpacked my Shot Box. Or even knew where it was. I could not get rid of the glare on these cute Penelope pocket scrapbook pages
I love that the new Workshops Your Way kits come with these Pocket cards to cut apart - though I do often opt to use them in card making instead of the Pocket Scrapbook layouts as intended.
I think this adorable frog is my favorite of the Penelope cards. The cards are all printed with one orientation on one side, and the other orientation on the back so you can mix them and use them in any direction your pictures require.
I take a lot of square photos, so I just cheated out the rest of the 4x6 pocket using pieces of other cards, scraps of Penelope paper, and washi tape to hold it all together!

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