Friday, March 4, 2016

Easy Star Wars Kid's Room Wall Art

So this week I've been devoting myself to unpacking and reorganizing my whole house. I've missed my every day crafting time, but I had bookshelves to paint, boxes to unload, a guest room full of randomness, and some projects I had promised to the kiddos that were taking up valuable desk space.
If you are on Instagram, perhaps you saw that before we moved I scored a fabulous Star Wars calendar in the Target Dollar Spot. Ben had already decided he wanted Star Wars stuff in his new all-him-alone-space room, so I had been looking for some star wars swag. However, which ubiquitous, Star Wars swag is also cha-ching, especially considering in three months he could decide he only like Ninjago or Minecraft or Pac-Man*. This calendar had a great look and an awesome price so it was perfect for this project!
And thus the shiny new calendar was packed away carefully never to be seen again. On our inaugural trip to IKEA when we got back to Portland I found these Fiskbo frames for $1.99. (Does anyone else always read that name as Fisbo as in clowns? Too much Modern Family for me? I digress...) Twelve frames were purchased. Husband may or may not have been rolling his eyes, since at the time we had literally unpacked like nothing. 
Today I mounted each flimsy Dollar Spot calendar page onto crisp 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock for sturdiness, then framed them up. I hung them using my favorite Command Velcro picture hanging strips so I could just eyeball the grid. When he's tired of Star Wars, we can just pick up a new calendar in whatever the next love turns out to be. I can't wait for Ben to come home and see his new display!

* The Pac-Man reference isn't as far fetched as it might seem. The boys recently discovered the old cartoon series from the eighties on Netflix, and while their mean mom won't let them truly just binge on it, their enthusiastic love for this Pac-Man cartoon is only exceeded by how much I cannot even understand why it's so appealing to them. Apparently the Pac is ba-a-ack.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope Ben would love the new wall art.

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