Thursday, March 31, 2016

Gilmore Girls Crush Book Cover Page

So I joined a little swap group of gals who love Gilmore Girls. I LOVE Gilmore Girls. I couldn't be more excited about the revival shows coming up. While Max wishes to move to Hogwarts, I'm a Stars Hollow girl through and through. 
So I joined a swap group where we all bought Crush Books (I chose Bluebird, which incidentally are on clearance on my website right now for less than $4. But I digress...). We are crafting pages in the books based on specific themes for each round of the swap, mailing our books person to person so we can create pages in each others Gilmore Girls books. For my cover page I wanted to kind of make a map of Stars Hollow like this one, including lots of my favorite Stars Hollow places.
 I used scraps of old B&Ts, print-outs of pics I found on google, and lots of ephemera that's been hanging out in my stash with no purpose. I made sure to include the bridge, which is central to one of my favorite Luke scenes, Kim's Antiques, and, of course, a big coffee cup for Luke's Diner.  I left a space at the bottom to add some journaling when my book makes it back around to me, full of scrappy goodness from my fellow GG loving friends.  I don't feel completely done with this page yet, but I had to mail it off on schedule so I had to stop.

I can admit that this book is a project that I totally do not need to add to my busy, busy life, and yet it makes me so very happy when I'm working on it. Unpacking, unschmacking, it's Gilmore Girls. Copper boom!

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