Monday, May 30, 2011

June SOTM - thank you, Marry Gunn!

I have to share this super card idea from a fabulous fellow CTMH Consultant, Mary Gunn. Clever Mary used the adorable June SOTM to create this BATMAN card! I had to make one of these as soon as I saw it, of course. Gabe has flipped over this card, and I can't stop humming the theme song - thank you Mary Gunn!
To make my version of Mary's awesome idea, I cut a strip of 1 1/2" by 5 1/4" Grey Wool CS. I put that in my trimmer and made some cuts into the strip every so often, randomly spaced, but always double cutting by shifitng the paper jsut a smidge between cuts to create a bunch of tiny slits. I trimmed those off with my Micro-tip scissors and snipped the resultant "buildings" into multiple heights. To add a bit more color I used some of my hand punches to pop out "windows" in my buildings and backed those with Sunflower CS. A bit of Glitter Glitz for a starry sky and our call for superhero rescue is complete!

Come back tomorrow Wednesday for more June SOTM ideas - the Blog hop is coming!
Na Na  Na Na  Na Na  Na Na  Na Na  Na Na  NA! Blog Hop!

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