Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Magic Block Workshop!

Oooh! I'm so excited about this one! If you follow my blog, you can't have help but noticed that I absolutely am in love with the Rock the Block special running through the end of this month. For just $15 (with minimum purchase), you get this neat set of 9 paper cubes with a display tray PLUS  an exclusive-only-available-this-month E-sized stamp set that is utterly adorable and versatile to boot! I've done a bazillion projects with the stamp set and blocks, but this one is making me giggle with GLEE!

The amazing Tresa Black from Fabulously Artsy did a fab video on using Rock the Block to make a magic block - an amazing, continuously flowing cube of photos (and stamped art if you want). I've wanted to make a Magic Cube forever., so of course I had to sit down and make one ASAP. So! Much! Fun!!

How much fun? So much that I am offering to teach you how to turn your blocks into a Magic Block just in time for Valentine's Day for FREE if you purchase the Rock The Block special this month!  I'll be hosting a workshop to make your Magic Block in person (see details below), but I'll also do written instructions/hinge kits so that if you can't attend in person you can still whip up one of these babies at home. Soon you too will be flipping through your Magic Box photo cube...I need to make two, so that I can give one up to my hubby for his desk at work! Here's a video so you can see my cube in action. I chose to do it entirely in photos, since I had so many I wanted to fit on the cube!

CLICK HERE To order your Rock the Block today - or email me if you are local to ask how you can save on shipping!

What: Rock the Block Free Magic Block workshop!

Where: Wendy's stamp Pad

When: Sunday, February 12th at 1 p.m.Bring: Your Rock the Block special kit, Bonding Memories Adhesive pen (Mono will not work), 20+ photos that are easy to trim into 4x4 size. Bring lots of pictures - you'll be amazed at how much you can get on this cube!

Cost: FREE with January Rock the Block purchase!


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