Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jamberry, I {heart} You!

As an avid crafter, I pretty much usually just don't bother with nails. Manicures barely last me until I reach the door of the salon, never mind through a club meeting or Saturday crop. Even and a certified chemical avoiding organic real foodie, I love getting a nice Shellac manicure right before I travel, when there's a chance I won't stain it with reinker or somehow embed glitter into it. But the cost adds up, especially when I don't usually get that much wear out of it before I accidentally sand part of it off...or apply pearl paint to it... 

Enter Jamberry nails! I met these beauties this summer, and I loved them so much that I'm actually having a party. And I NEVER have a party. I am the girl who goes to everyone else's party or teach at home gatherings. I do not host parties. Until now. 

My Jamberries lasted two full weeks. And not two weeks of travel, but two weeks right after convention, up to my elbows in new products, submerged in a sink full of reinker tinted water for 40 minutes. Why didn't I take a real picture of them? All I have is this one that I had cropped my fingers out of previously. It's got a weird glare on it too...sigh. I loved having black and white damask nails for two whole weeks, and people literally stopped me in the grocery store to say, "I love your nails!" Me! The girl who usually looks like she has been dyed four colors on my fingertips got complimented on my nails. 

So when I ordered originally I did not read the online catalog very closely. I just ordered up some cute pink polka dot/damask combo nails...which turned out to be Juniors, or for kiddos. Did I read the packaging when it arrived? Nope! I busted them open and spent quite a few minutes pondering if it is possible that I actually have Man hands, since only a couple of the shields actually fit my thumbs at all, and at least half the package did not fit me at all. Turns out I just don't have little kid hands!

I thought these were super easy to apply, and there's a video to watch instead of having to read the instructions. If you want to try them out, they are having buy 3 get one free, and my online party closes on October 31st. There are over 250 designs/styles, which are heat/pressure activated for application. They are chemical free, made in the USA, and require no drying time. They are safe for natural and acrylic nails. 

You can see more at which is also where you can order and select my party (Wendy Coffman) at checkout. Since we're partying online, your order will ship right to you! Mostly I just love that in a week or so I'll be having some really fab Christmas nails...blingy fingers, here I come!

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