Sunday, November 18, 2012

Last chance for Jamberry!

My Jamberry consultant went on vacation (to Disney!) before we got a chance to close my party. So if you missed your chance to try out these fabulous nail shields, my party is still open for the rest of this week!

In this pic I'm wearing adorable colorful snowflakes...and you can see I've got my normal inky paws, but the nail shields stay clean and beautiful. I love these so much I'm probably going to sign up when I close out my party with Brandi. I just have to finish upline shopping, lol. I've found I can get 2 full mani-pedis from one packet, or 4 manicures since my nails are pretty short. Sweet!

Here's the link to my party. You just shop through the online store (buy 3, get one free!), and when you go to checkout it'll give you the option to choose Wendy's online party in a drop-down hostess menu.

If you decide to give them a try (or already have), tell me here in comments. I'd love to know what you picked and how you like them. There's so many to choose from I have trouble deciding...but I think next up for me is the Multi Colored Chevrons!

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