Thursday, November 15, 2012

Moxie Fab Burlap and Flower Card Tutorial

Moxie Fab World is hosting a Canvas, Cork, and Burlap challenge right now to celebrate the new Paper Crafting Tips & Tricks issue. I love the texture of our new Burlap ribbon, but even more I LOVE that you can cut it up to achieve different fun effects.  
On the sentiment tag I wrapped a length of burlap around my block to stamp the background texture using Sweet Leaf Ink. Great use of those odd scraps you have left over sometimes!
For this flower I took about 24 inches of just the edging of the burlap - cut it right off, it's all good! 
Then pull off a few long strands of the burlap material from the long edge of the ribbon. 

Wrap the edging of the burlap around your fingers in a figure eight motion back and forth, about 2" or so wide. Pinch that in the center and add a long strand of the burlap material that you pulled out in the same figure eight motion. 

Then use one more piece of the burlap (or a small piece of wire or string is fine too) to tie the center of your figure eight tightly, as tight as you can make it. Spread out the 'petals' of your new burlap flower. Top it off with a button or a fabulous Designer Rhinestone brad like I did here!

This is a very forgiving process, since the burlap is a fabric material - don't be afraid to bend it and push it where you want it to go to fill out your flower. Now hop on over and check out all the burlap, canvas, and cork fun at Moxie Fab!


Gina Brandstetter said...

Pretty card! I really love the burlap flower - BEAUTIFUL!

Romaine said...

Wendy, LOVE the flower and great tutee! Will have to try, but need MORE burlap ribbon, first! :0)

Unknown said...

Love this!!!

Unknown said...

Great tutorial! love the way it was presented. Wordpress Template Tutorial

Miss Melani said...

Love the flower! Great card!


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