Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rock and Roll Technique Video!

Y'all have been asking me for a video tutorial on Rolling for a while now...and now CTMH has saved my sad-cannot-video-a-thing self by making this wonderful tutorial on Rock and Roll stamping. The card above was stamped in this technique, inking the branch in Tulip ink and then rolling the edges in Cocoa ink. You can use this rolling technique to create beautiful stamped images with shaded edges in complementary colors. It's one of my favorite stamping techniques - so fast and simple to do but with a real "Wow!" factor!

Here's the funny and fab duo of Kristine and Monica to show you on video how this is accomplished!

More artwork where I've used the rolling technique are listed here...
Green & Blue Holiday Card
Pink Mittens card
Blue/green Damask Background card
Rainbow Butterfly Card
Sewing themed teacher Gifty

Enjoy the awesome video. Let's Rock and Roll!

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